Monday, 5 May 2014

Meal Plan Monday - Take 2!

Well here we are, another Monday and another meal plan for the week.  I managed to put off grocery shopping until Sunday afternoon and even though I was fully prepared to go alone, hubby came with me.  This is surprising because it was a gross rainy weekend and we both enjoyed our fair share of beverages on Saturday (and hubby was out working by 7am for a few hours) so I figured he would be quite happy to chill on the couch and avoid the nastiness outside but I was wrong. Thankfully we didn't need much so it was a quick stop.  

And we may or may not have picked up cheeseburgers on our way home... Why does grease always help with the pain??

As usual we were making our plan on the fly and chose from our usual roster of dinners.  We really need to get more inventive.

So here is what we're eating this week:

Sunday: my MIL spoiled us and made her own version of 'take away' meal! She literally packed us a box with a lasagna, all the fixings for Caesar salad and French bread... we enjoyed quite the feast!

A delicious Sunday Dinner (sorry for the blurry photo!)

Monday: chicken gyoza appetizers (I buy them pre-made and then pan fry them) followed by tortellini pasta in tomato vegetable sauce for him and a big salad for me.

Tuesday: Tacos! We have prime rib ground beef and cook it up, add our own spices to make it tasty and then serve the usual fixings of tomato, avocado and shredded cheese.  He eats soft taco shells and I will wrap mine in lettuce leaves :)

Wednesday: breakfast for dinner... Hump day can be a tough one and breakfast is so easy and so delicious 

Thursday: homemade chicken strips baked in a cheesy bacon crust served with home fries and salad (we didn't end up making this last week)

Friday: I am home on Friday Date Night for the first time in 3 weeks!  I am thinking Greek or Sushi... Totally leaning towards Greek!

What do you have planned for meals this week?

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