Tuesday, 29 April 2014

So Happy to Announce…

I FINALLY found a new purse!  You didn’t think there was anything else I would announce did you? Hehe ;)

I have a slight purse obsession and had a great string of luck with gorgeous finds at wicked prices but it seemed to dry up after finding a black leather Kate Spade bag for a quarter of the original price about two years ago.  I haven’t been able to find anything lately! 

I knew what I really wanted to find in Palm Springs was a new purse and I was immediately on the hunt but finding nothing.  And I didn’t want to pay full price, I am looking for a wicked deal from an outlet or something, and when I get a beautiful bag that I love for a screaming deal it’s that much more of a rush… plus I’m trying to be more responsible ;)

So there I was on my last full day in Palm Springs after finding nothing on any of the previous 6 days’ worth of shopping (including the outlets!) and I had to give it one more chance.  I jumped into my mother-in-law’s little car (thanks Mom!) and headed to areas I had never been to before.  No luck.  And then it was getting close to 4pm and I was losing my last afternoon/evening at the pool (I had a bunch of wine and tequila to finish off!) and I knew I had to make one last stop.  One place I hadn’t checked and had never actually found anything there… TJ Maxx.  I drove 10 minutes in the opposite direction of home, acutely aware of the sun I was losing and the precious minutes ticking by, and I parked and ran into the store. 

TJ Maxx groups purses by colour or by collection and I found myself first faced with about 20 white bags.  I love white but I am totally my mother’s daughter, meaning that I frequently spill something on me or my surroundings, and white would never last.  Right after the white I came to the clearance section and that was when I saw a dark green leather bag hiding in the back.  A beautiful colour, leather and my current obsession Michael Kors??  On CLEARANCE??  So meant to be!



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