Wednesday, 21 May 2014

(Almost Picture-less) Weekend Recap (Sorry!)

Our weekend started with a bang on Friday and I have to admit it - I was one lucky lady!  I could have been shut in Saturday-Sunday and it still would have been amazing (but thankfully I wasn't).  

I left work on Friday and met up with my hubby to get me golf clubs.  Why the sudden need for golf clubs?  Well it started last weekend when we were out at one of the local pubs having a couple beers and watching the hockey playoffs and we decided we need a husband/wife sport hobby.  My husband is smart enough to know that any sport I partake in on the weekends would have to involve alcohol and he is quite a fan of golf.  Golf and booze go really well together so it was kind of a no-brainer.  I mentioned that a friend of ours had her set for sale on Facebook so we inquired and made a deal.  When I saw them on Friday I noticed the purple accents right away - can you say meant to be?
After picking up my new clubs we went and bought my new laptop.  It's awesome.  It's definitely a learning curve!

Saturday was a big day - hubby's grandma turned 95! The whole family got together and we surprised her for lunch at one of her favourite restaurants.  I admit that I was nervous - a surprise party at 95? - but she loved it.  The look on her face was adorable!

Surprise!  Isn't Grandma the cutest??

My husband with his brothers
Hubby and me with the birthday girl

After the birthday celebrations we headed to the driving range to try our new hobby and my bag has the perfect pocket for road pops.  We had a blast and are even thinking of taking lessons.  And I guess I get to start collecting a golf wardrobe, hello shopping, my other favorite sport ;)  We stopped for dinner and drinks and then headed back to carry on at home.

Since the weather was so nice I took Milo out to a park near the water, funny think about our pooch is that he gets really excited and runs straight into the water... and stops when he gets 3-4 inches in and won't dare go any further.  He will never be a swimmer.  

I downloaded a couple more photos from the driving range and my walk with Milo but I have no idea where I put them.  Definitely a learning curve on this new toy of mine!  I promise to figure it out soon :-)

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