Monday, 26 May 2014

Happy Birthday Milo!

Our youngest fur baby is 5 today.  Wow, how time flies... We brought Milo home in September 2009, after being together barely 5 months and when we were still unofficially living together (which happened barely two months in)... a few people thought we were crazy but it was one of the best days of my life.

Growing up we always had pets - including a duck and tortoise at one point - but as much as I may have thought they were "mine", my mom fed, walked, took care of them all.  Milo is the first dog in my life who depends on me (and hubby when I'm out of town).  The love I have for this little guy is unlike any I have ever known and I look forward to enjoying life with him for many more years to come.

The week we first brought Milo home

1) Milo with his cousin/BFF Zoe

2) Milo and his brother Jinx (that's the bottom half of my side btw)
1) Another selfie fail

2) The only one of the 40+ dogs on the trail who needed to jump right in the mud
1) Normally shy and very skittish, Milo was beside us throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, including joining us for our first dance.  I love this photo.

2) One of the best moments of my day - every afternoon he watches for me at the window and then runs to the door as I come up the walk
What's a birthday without presents?  Milo got a new bed and toy (that has lasted over 2 hours!)
 Happy Birthday Milo!

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