Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

Wow 36 weeks! So exciting! We are approximately 3 weeks away from meeting Baby P! I can’t believe we’re so close!

And I’m not exactly ready (insert bug-eyed emoji here)… I need to get the nursery finished (it looks like a tornado hit) and I need to pack my hospital bag. Oh and install the car seat. Get a video monitor and stroller. Get a haircut.

Anything else I need to do??


How far along: 36 weeks

Size of Baby: a large cantaloupe / 6lbs

Gender: Baby P is all girl (at least that’s what the last 3 ultrasounds have told us, fingers crossed!)

Symptoms: My hips have started to hurt a lot. My hubby was apparently paying more attention in our prenatal class because he informed me that this is about the time my hips start to move to make room for her head to drop. As if my waddle wasn’t bad enough.

Stretch marks: I found a new one last night L

Sleep: I can still sleep pretty good for the most part but the sore hips and constant bathroom trips mean I am not quite as rested as I could be.

Husband: picked her coming home outfit. It has adorable white and purple socks. He did oh so good.

Belly Button: in and pretty sure staying there.

Movement: Most movement I have ever felt!  But still soooo shy. Every time I put a hand to my belly she stops so there is no chance whatsoever that my husband is going to feel her.

Cravings: I have a new one – McCain Deep n’ Delicious Marble Cake. Yes I am talking about that 90’s deliciousness that stoners would buy from 7-11 when they got the munchies on Friday night. While grocery shopping one day we ended up in front of them and I had to have one. Then a second one when that was gone. And yes I totally have a third in my freezer. I will say that I am very restrained and only have one piece a day. No clue how I am managing that but I am so yay me.

Maternity Clothes: I am officially over my clothes.

Best part of the week:

1)      I met up with another momma-to-be I met at prenatal class on Monday (turns out our hubbies graduated high school together and we are both having girls about 3 weeks apart) and we went for a long walk with Milo and then lunch on one of my favourite patios. We got along right away and it feels great to have a new friend going through the same thing as me at the same time.

2)      Taking Monday and Friday off this week and next!

Worst part of the week: coming back to work on Tuesday. I am done. But I officially have only 4 days left before I am off on maternity leave. For a year. With a brand new baby. Whaaat?

Missing most: alcohol. I’m sorry this never changes but I would really love to hang out in the sun and have a few beers or ciders or glasses of wine. Let loose and be silly. Drink a couple margaritas and get the happy tequila feeling.  

Looking forward to: meeting our baby girl – SO SOON!

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. She will be here so soon!!! My little girl is incredibly shy too. She can be so active, but the minute anyone puts their hand on my belly to feel, she immediately stops. We have a couple of stubborn little girls on our hands!


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