Thursday, 17 December 2015

Baby J: Two Months

Once again I'm so crazy late with Baby J's 2 month update but having a newborn and getting through Christmas (we just had our last family dinner on Tuesday!) was about all I managed to do. And if I had the opportunity to nap I took it. Now it's New Years Eve and I am 110% positive I won't make it to midnight. Let's just say I celebrated Australian style... 

SLEEP: I was told that if the sleeping thing is going well to not talk about it but I am using this blog as a place to record Turtle's life so I am going to chance it. 

Bedtime is a bit of a challenge... I am trying to start some sort of routine around 8:30 Turtle gets a bath, daddy gets her ready for bed (well he towels her off, lotions her up and puts on a clean diaper and then hands her to me to actually dress) then I take her upstairs, give her a bottle and try to put her to bed. Sometimes she goes down awake and sometimes she falls asleep while eating but after about 5 minutes she wakes up and I go in, calm her down, feed her a bit more if needed and then put her back down. Then it happens all over again... Usually twice. 

Once she is finally asleep she does pretty well, waking up between 2-3:00am and then again between 6-6:30am. I'll take it! 

During the day Turtle is quite the cat napper and her preferred spot is still on top of me. We have to be in the car or stroller for her to nap for any length of time. I keep reminding myself not to feel trapped and to instead enjoy it because she won't be this small and snuggly for long.

SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT: There isn't a ton happening on the outside but I'm pretty sure her little mind and body are going through some major leaps. At least they are according to the Wonder Weeks app. Turtle is focusing on things more intently, she holds her head up like a champ and she is already trying to roll from her front to her back. My hubby says she was super close in her crib one night and although I'm excited for it, I don't want her to grow too fast! 

FAVORITES: Turtle still loves to sleep on mommy and she prefers to be held upright while you're swaying. 

NOT SO FAVORITES: Still not a fan of either the mamaroo or the vibrating chair we have. She did seem to like my friend's swing so trying to convince my hubby that we need to invest in yet another baby product. Oh and she HATES her bucket seat. With a passion. And wearing hats. It's a pity too base she looks adorable in them. 

MY THOUGHTS: I can't believe I am lucky enough to be this little girl's mom! Yes she cries and can be quite fussy at this point but she can also be so sweet and cuddly. She has been smiling since day one (and it's not gas) and she is so so cuddly! And when she looks into my eyes it feels amazing and also a by overwhelming, and I just hope she knows how much I love her. 

It's crazy that in just a couple weeks our little lady will be 3 months old. People tell you it goes too fast but you don't actually realize how fast until you wake up one morning and that tiny baby has grown an inch overnight. Amazing. 

Enjoy your New Years Eve everyone, wherever and however you are celebrating, and be safe!

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