Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Baby J’s First Visit with Santa!

I started planning Christmas events when our little turtle was still in my belly and a visit with Santa Claus was pretty high on the list. She won’t remember a thing but I will never forget it. Plus we have a pretty cute photo as a reminder…

In all honesty there wasn’t much build up and it was over pretty quick. We were going to the mall one evening so I dressed Baby J in the only Christmas outfit we had at the time (a present from her Great Granny) and told my hubby that if there wasn’t a big line we were doing it. I mentally crossed my fingers and toes while listening to (and ignoring) my hubby tell me that it was completely unnecessary as the baby is all of 6 weeks old. Imagine my shock that quickly turned into excitement when I saw there was no line.

There were a few tears and of course turtle refused to smile but I am so happy that we managed to get a good one. She looks so unimpressed. Santa was great, he was very gentle and completely unfazed when turtle’s faced scrunched up (she has the best angry face), he waited patiently while I calmed her down.

I wonder if there will be tears next year…?

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