Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

How far along: 31 weeks

Size of Baby: a pineapple / 15-16", 2.5-38 lbs

Gender: a sweet baby girl 

Symptoms: Still so so sleepy and feeling so lazy. I also feel quite pathetic seeing as there are pregnant women every day running huge companies and they don’t skip a beat. I should be able to function normally for 8 hours but no, my mind constantly wanders.

Stretch marks: Getting more used to the cocoa butter smell of Palmer’s lotion and not seeing hideousness yet (knock on wood!)

Sleep: love my sleep, love my snoogle. If you don’t have one, get one. I am so keeping this around after I pop… the one drawback is putting the pillowcase on. Pretty sure I would be out of breath even if I wasn’t pregnant!

Husband: saw my stomach move!!! Hasn’t felt her kicks but finally saw my belly twitching away.

Belly Button: not popping at all. pretty convinced of this.

Movement: I think baby may have flipped because now I’m feeling all the kicks just below my ribs. I’m pretty sure this is what’s supposed to happen but these higher up kicks or movements startle me. As in completely distract me so hope I get used to them soon.

Cravings: Kraft Dinner AND Dr Pepper 10. Haven't gotten my hands on any DP 10 yet so I may be destined to suffer forever on this one. We have been eating KD the last couple Sundays for lunch but now I want it every day for dinner. Last night my hubby made spaghetti with meat sauce and  tonight I am going out for dinner with family friends so will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m sure my husband will be thrilled that my big dinner night is going to be KD. Might have to cook him some chicken or something haha.

Is it actually a pregnancy craving if I don’t move Heaven and earth to get it at the moment I want it??

Maternity Clothes: still wearing them and still counting down until I wear the cozy Fall sweaters and bundle up in a blanket. I am so over summer.  

Best part of the week: having Friday off so knowing tomorrow is my FriYAY! And of course celebrating my sister B’s wedding on Saturday!

Worst part of the week: Something is wrong with Milo so we are taking him to the vet this afternoon to try and figure it out. When we get home from work he is lethargic and trembling, can’t jump on our bed or the couch, has a hunched back and won’t lift his head all the way. But my mom took him for a walk this morning and he was full of energy, playing and running and jumping into her truck. So I am very worried and also very confused.

Missing most: alcohol! Especially with the wedding this weekend. But our sweet babe is worth it, B and I will just have to celebrate extra hard at Christmas ;)

Looking forward to: a busy but fun Friday and Saturday with all our family and friends… followed by a very lazy Sunday.


  1. I don't work so I'm at home all day doing nothing but typical house chores (sometimes haha) and lounging around on the couch, and I still get wore out and feel tired a lot! I think no matter what you do, pregnancy totally wipes you out.


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