Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bumpdate: 29 Weeks

So here we are in the 2nd week of my third trimester. Again - how is this all going by so fast? I feel like someone put my life on fast forward and the pause button is broken. I thought people feel pregnant forever but that is definitely not the case for me. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to meet our little babe, but it just feels so fast.  At this rate she will be here before we know it.

How far along: 29 weeks

Size of Baby: an acorn squash / 17", 3lbs

Gender: a sweet baby girl 

Symptoms: I am now feeling super pregnant. My bump feels big, pretty sure I have a full-on waddle happening, I’m up 2-3 times every night to pee, I want to eat everything in sight from 10am until I go to bed and by the time I get home from work all I want to do is get off my feet and lay down.

It does not bode well that I feel like this now when all the baby will do for the next 11 weeks is grow over twice in size. Ugh.

Stretch marks: still feeling very lucky here.

Sleep: also feel very lucky here because as long as I have my snoogle I sleep like the dead. Except for waking up to pee.

Husband: amazed me last week with how wonderful he was with our nieces (and nephews) while on vacation last week. He played, cuddled, teased and thrilled them with seadoo rides and I couldn’t stop watching him. I can’t wait to see him with our baby girl.

Belly Button: still a total inny

Movement: quite a bit more movement this week! I always feel her little kicks after I eat fresh fruit and drink my morning coffee. I have finally seen my stomach move while lying in bed at night but am never quick enough to tell daddy. He still hasn’t felt her and I really hope he can soon. I hate that I can’t share her with him yet.

Cravings: all the food. Pretty sure this is because I have to keep a diary of everything I eat but thankfully I haven't had any issues with food and GD, everything is going really well. And I am indulging my cravings as long as I am getting dairy and protein, etc.

Maternity Clothes: I cannot wait for fall so I can cozy up in my leggings and comfy shirts but no, this crazy summer heat is relentless! Thankfully we have AC at work I can still wear leggings but am limited to light shirts; otherwise I rotate between a few summer dresses.

Best part of the week: feeling our baby girl’s movements more, it’s like she’s somehow communicating with me.

Worst part of the week: coming back to work. Not work itself, I just miss waking up without an alarm, napping when I want to, relaxing.

Missing most: see immediately above

Looking forward to: hubby is painting the nursery this weekend! When the painting is done we (he) can build the crib and the change table and we can start setting everything up.


  1. What colour did you choose for the nursery?

  2. I feel the same way - this pregnancy is flying by!! I just adore feeling those kicks! My husband felt our baby girl for the first time Tuesday night. I have been waiting so many weeks for him to feel her! Hopefully your husband will be able to feel his baby girl any day now.


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