Thursday, 20 November 2014

Green Means Go!

I have some good news to share today. You may remember a post I wrote about my husband's LCHAD diagnosis and a genetic test they were running on me. If you haven't read it, click here and catch up. It’s ok, I'll wait.
We got my genetic testing results. And thankfully I do not have a mutated HADHA gene and therefore it is basically 99.99999% sure that our children will not have LCHAD. They will however be carriers of the mutated gene so they will likely have the same concerns when they find a partner and need to do genetic testing.
The first thing I did was call my hubby who was very happy to hear the news and then I texted the group chat I have with my mom and sisters – someone is excited to be a grandma again :)
So this is good news for us. Amazing news! It's basically a prescription to get busy and get pregnant. And I am so excited (maybe too excited) but I am also terrified. Now I have a bunch of new worries. I am in my mid-thirties which can make it harder to conceive. I'm overweight which also makes it harder to conceive. So what if we try and it doesn't happen? It’s like we had this important reason to wait so there was no point even thinking about it but now we have the green light and it's all I can think about.  I can’t stop looking at baby clothes and for some reason even maternity clothes get a second (or third) glance.
I don't want to be one of those people who goes crazy and is so obsessed about becoming a mother that no one can stand being around me.  Plus all that stress would probably stop me from conceiving.  So I plan to keep myself busy and see what happens in the next few months.
But in the meantime… any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.  I know there aren’t really any tricks except tracking your business but you never know – any position recommendations?  Foods I should be eating?  Rain dances I should be doing? 
For those of you that feel or have felt the same way – how do you stay sane??
I am trying to focus on being thankful that we are able to have healthy kids but I’m ready for the next step.   
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  1. YAY fantastic news! That text made me laugh out loud--that's exactly how a convo would go with my sibs/mom! The only recommendation I have for you (I"m not a mom--but have plenty of friends who have had trouble conceiving) is to RELAX! ENJOY IT! Have fun! And if that fails, have a few cocktails ;)


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