Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Uber Rides Rock! (AND a Promo Code!)

I have woken up the past two days with the best intentions of writing a post, I even have the ideas formed and recipes ready to go, but it seems I am just too damn lazy to get anything written. There is no sense of urgency and it seems I am convinced that my readers will hang on and wait... Please hang on and wait! I am back to real life next week :)

I do want to give a shout out to Uber. We don't have the service at home yet but I have heard about it a bunch of times so I downloaded the app to try it out in Palm Springs. We used it our second night here to go to my in-laws place for dinner (accompanied by a lot of wine and beer) so it just made sense to ensure we could all enjoy the festivities. 

Uber is so easy! I opened the app and it found our location, I pressed ok (or whatever the button said) and within 6 minutes our ride was at the door! I had registered the credit card and so when we got to our destination we just got out and said thank you. So freaking easy! The best part? Not having to call and talk to someone to get a taxi. No fumbling for cash and they email you a receipt, you can even split the cost with your friends! I love it. And we used it again last night to go for drinks.  We have taken it four times... three rides were in a Mecedes SUV and once in a Prius. Super clean and great cars!

I was in no way asked or compensated to write this review by the way, it was just such a great way to get us all where we were going safely and without someone having to suck it up and be the designated driver. There is plenty of time for that when I eventually get knocked up ;)

I can however get you your first Uber for FREE up to $30!! Use my promo code sarahp1386 when you request your first pickup. I will also get a free ride in return but it's totally win-win right?? Perfect timing for all the holiday parties that will be upon us oh so soon. So go download the app and get your drink on!

Enjoying some bubbly last night - this Prosecco is yummy!
I hope you all are having an amazing week!

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  1. I am totally obsessed with Uber - I definitely resort to it pretty frequently, especially when it's too late to deal with the subway!


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