Monday, 3 November 2014

Weekend Recap: 3 More Sleeps!

Well it's Monday and for the first time in who knows how long, I'm not that upset about it.  Because in 3 more sleeps we are going on vacation!!  Goodbye rainy gloominess and hello sunshine!  Thursday we fly to Las Vegas for 3 nights, my sister and her fiancĂ© meet us there on Friday and then on Sunday we are driving to Palm Springs for a week.  I can't wait.  I may have already packed.  I will for sure be repacking but I feel better because I did a dry run.

I can't believe Halloween is already come and gone... it was a total non-event at our house this year because neither of us had the energy to do anything.  Normally we go all out including tombstones in our front yard but this year all we had on display was a motion activate spider (that only scared me) and two pumpkin cat-food-turned-candy bowls.  We did buy candy and crossed our fingers that we would get a few kids, which started to look even more hopeful as the rain stopped for a few hours... in the end we got 3 kids. Lame.  I told our friend who is house/pet sitting while we are away to eat all the leftover candy because I definitely don't need to!

Halloween fun
Milo's Halloween sweater

Halloween fun
Then the fireworks started... can you spot him?

Halloween fun
My anti-cuddle furbaby was so terrified of the fireworks that he wouldn't leave me.  I was in Heaven (sorry for thoroughly enjoying this Milo)

My big revelations this morning:
1) my iPhone 4S really sucks at photos and I need to use my DSLR a lot more.  Now to only learn how to use my DSLR...
2) we really need to decorate our walls.
Our weekend was also pretty quiet... I slept a lot to try and get over this bronchitis and I finally have some of my energy back. This was good because it was my husband's birthday Saturday.  Originally I had grand plans of hosting a dinner party (cause we're all mature and stuff) but he didn't want to do anything except get to Las Vegas.  At first I called him a party pooper but now I'm so grateful.  I did take him out for lunch and then we met his dad and stepmom for dinner.  I tried to last for a couple of after dinner drinks but it was home to pjs and couch for me.

Sunday I made a partial comeback when I polished off a couple spritzers.  I know I'll be double-fisting as soon as the plane takes off Thursday so I might as well work up to it now... although maybe I'll be a cheaper drunk.

We did put together a mini meal plan for the few days we are in town... I didn't want to do a big grocery shop so we plan to use up a lot of the food we have on hand.  

This is what we have cooking this week:
meal plan

Sunday | Chicken Fajitas: super easy... we sautĂ© red and green peppers, onions and diced chicken breasts in a bit of olive oil with seasoning and then serve it up with soft tortilla shells, salsa and plain greek yogurt.  
Monday | Pizza Quesadillas: I saw this post and thought it was a delicious idea plus I had even bought turkey pepperoni and mozzarella cheese with another apply in mind.  We had chicken quesadillas for dinner one night last week and since I had the ingredients on hand I decided to throw a pizza one in and wow did the hubby love it!  They are yummy and I never made the apply (shocker) so we'll have them for dinner.
Tuesday | Cheese Tortellini: I have class Tuesday night until 10pm so hubby is on his own.  We always have cheese tortellini and serve it with a garlicky tomato sauce.

Wednesday | Breakfast: with all the prep we won't have much time so a quick breakfast will do the trick... scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast.  

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  1. My dog hates fireworks too! Have a great vacation!

  2. "3 more sleeps" what a great way to measure time haha hooray for vacation! Love Milo's sweater :)

    Thanks for linking up with MMG!

  3. Enjoy your trip in Vegas!! and Palm Springs!!! That's awesome.

    Love Milo's Halloween sweater :)

    Thanks for linkin' up!


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