Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fun Announcement AND a Cash Giveaway!

Happy Hump Day!  So I promised some news yesterday and I may be a late poster (#sorryimnotsorry) but I never want to disappoint.  So here we go…

If you know me at all or have ever visited my little space before you know I love wine.  But now, not only do I love wine, I sell wine.


Specifically, I am a wine rep for Ruby Blues Winery, the funkiest boutique winery located in the amazing Okanagan wine region, specifically in Naramata, BC.  This dream job opportunity was presented to me in August by the winery owner, Prudence Maher, whom I met in 2009 when my husband brought me to his family’s cabin for the first time and when I introduced him to wine tasting. (Side note: my hubby’s family has owned this place since before he was born, the nearest winery is 5 minutes away and go on as far as you can see, and he had never been wine tasting. He’s a pro now.)

Ruby blues Winery
The funky bus that greets you at the winery's entrance and the prop in many photo shoots


Ruby blues Winery
the wine shop


Ruby Blues wine and the community they built quickly became one of our favourites and a must-see every time we were at the cabin.  I was lucky enough to become friends Prudence, an amazing woman who I have always regarded as a mentor… I am barely breaking the surface but she was a Swiss Body Building Champion for 15 years, has her commercial pilot’s license, sold her original Naramata winery, Red Rooster, for a nice chunk of change to Peller Estates and then started doing it all over again with Ruby Blues.  I should also mention the amazing husband that supports her in everything she does, Beat, the kindest man you will ever meet.  Here is a link to some info on this dynamic duo.

We were lucky enough to have Ruby blues as our wedding wines and Prudence and Beat as guests.

Ruby blues Winery
You can't see the label but that is a bottle of Red Stiletto on our Chardonnay Table

And I am now lucky enough to represent Ruby Blues in B.C.’s Lower Mainland.  The wine isn’t carried in a lot of stores here so it’s my job to get it in the wine stores and get more exposure.  And also let the people who visit the wine shop while on holidays know that they can get it closer to home now.  So if anyone has any pointers on how to accomplish this, please please please share.  (pretty please).

I have never worked in sales before but after getting over the cold-calling nerves, actually selling the wine is pretty easy because I genuinely love it.  It’s delicious and because I have a sentimental stake in the wine it’s easy for me to try and get other people to love it just as much.

Ruby blues Winery
we always have Ruby Blues at home!


Over the next couple weeks I will introduce you to the Ruby Blues wines I love and sell: the Commune Pinot Gris, White Stiletto and Red Stiletto.  You will love the story, you will love the labels and maybe together we will learn a little something about wine.  I am not a wine expert – I just know what I like by taste.  And seriously, I am open to any and all suggestions because I want to rock this and make Prudence proud.

Wish me luck!

Oh and before you go, another super cool chick – who just gave birth 5 days ago to the cutest little nugget – has lovely little me not only for a Q&A on her blog, but I am also giving away $25 in PayPal cash!

Head over to Karli’s blog to enter!!



  1. I'm coming over from September farm and I just had to tell you that my dream vacation is Machu Picchu! So if you have any travel tips let me know :)

  2. So exciting! Congratulations on your new adventure!


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