Wednesday, 1 October 2014

#Blogtober14: If I Won the Lottery...

We were in bed and while my hubby watched the latest episode of Pawn Stars I was catching up on my blog reading (side note: what is the deal with Bloglovin?  It shuffles my blog feed and I feel like I’m constantly lost) when I came across Helene’s post about #Blogtober14 and thought hmmmm.  Literally, I think I even made that sound.  Here’s the thing: my blogging is fairly sporadic at 3-4 posts a week so pulling off a whole month of blogging feels like a longshot AND I already knew what I was going to write for Wednesday’s post.  But I wasn’t too sure about Thursday’s post.  And although I had some ideas brewing for Friday’s they weren’t set in stone… and I can always write them down for future use so essentially this would be extending my post idea list. But what ultimately got me?  Well I only know Helene through her blog posts but I wish I lived in Dallas because I know I would have so. much. fun. with her (because she would obviously want to hang out with me, a total stranger, duh).  Oh and I think this would help me be a more consistent blogger.  So I’m going to give it a try.
Helene in Between Blogtober

First #Blogtober14 prompt: If I won the lottery…
As with 99.9% of the other people in this world I have dreamed of winning the lottery one day and what I would do with the winnings.  I actually belong to an office lottery pool and every week a tiny part of me thinks “this could be the day!”… it’s never the day.  But one day. Maybe.
If I won the lottery…
·         I would give my hubby $5000 to spend as he wants (a promise we made to each other, even though technically the winnings would be “ours”, whoever won promises to give the other $5K no questions asked).
·         I would hire a cook… if you know me at all then you know I hate cooking.  Hate it.  I do it solely for survival and because my husband would leave me if I didn’t.  But I’m not good at cooking and if I ever have the chance to unload that chore I will. 
·         I would hire a driver… I don’t enjoy driving.  I would much rather kick back with a book and a drink and be driven to my destination.  If I had a driver I would spend a lot less time at home plus I could sleep in a bit more because I could do my makeup in the car on the way to work.
·         We would go on a long vacation in Hawaii because I have never been and I need to go.
·         We would also plan a trip to Peru because I haven't been back since we moved in 1994. (wow, I just realized that was 20 years ago. I feel super old.)
·         I would get a new car and hubby a new truck.
·         We would buy a new house and a vacation house, somewhere on a lake.
I’m sure there is more but that’s all I can think of for now plus the money would probably be long gone by the end of this list.

What did I miss on my list?  Oh! A lifetime supply of Baileys for my weekend coffee!!  Anything else?

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