Friday, 17 October 2014

#Blogtober14 | Netflix Expert

I think I am an expert at many things… sleeping in, drinking wine, spending too much time on my phone, taking too many photos of Milo, annoying my husband, just to name a few… but I am really an expert at Netflix Bingeing.  I have written about my addiction to Netflix.

And then yesterday I discover this thing called the Netflix Stream Team.  As in people on a team who watch Netflix.  Um what?  A match made in Heaven?  It most certainly is.

I would rock the Stream Team.

Netflix, this is why you need to make me part of your #StreamTeam:

1.       I can watch Netflix anywhere.  I have it on my phone, on my iPad, on Xbox in our living room and on Apple TV in our bedroom. 

2.       I watch Netflix everywhere. When I’m cooking dinner or doing anything in the kitchen, when I’m taking a bath (TMI? #sorryimnotsorry), getting ready in the morning, waiting for a friend to meet me for a drink - my headphones are out and I am connected. 
Seriously – check the activity on my account! I know you can.

3.       I watch all genres of movies and shows… depending on my mood I watch dramas, chick flicks, teenage content… all of it.  No judging.

4.       Benefits to my marriage.  More time in the kitchen means more cooking and baking for my husband which makes him all sorts of happy.  Things could only get better.

5.       I really want it.  I can write (see, I even have this blog), my eyesight is great (the only glasses I wear protect my eyes from the sun!) and I am an awesome team player.  I really really really want to be a #NetflixStreamTeam member.

I tweeted Netflix yesterday but no response.  I am not giving up.
Netflix stream team tweet


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  1. OMG how is that even a thing!!! haha

  2. So stupid question - what does the stream team do? My husband should seriously be on it (or do they have stream interventions? the bingeing is out of control ;) )

  3. Haha! This is awesome. So you just watch Netflix all day? I need to be a part of that!

  4. I watch it ALL day and see everything from Thomas movies to my yummy vampires. Pick me too!!!


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