Friday, 10 October 2014

Friday Love and #Blogtober14

You should see the happy dance in my pants right now (sorry it just worked)... I have been up at 4:50am yesterday and today and while it's totally worth it, I am counting down the hours until I crawl into bed tonight knowing that I can sleep until whenever I want tomorrow.  Which means that I'll be wide awake at 6am. Le sigh.
Today's #Blogtober14 prompt:
purple sunrise
1.  Give me butterfly joy! Every time I get a comment I get so giddy.  If I could survive off comments alone I would in a heartbeat.

2.  Introduce me to people with LCHAD... I have had messages from two people now who have kids with LCHAD and they are doing really well.  It's great to find other people in the world when previously we didn't know anyone else dealing with it. You can read our story here.
3.   Get free clothes! When I was contacted by a company and asked to pick an outfit for a review I had to pinch myself. I get free clothes just for giving my opinion? Works for me!

4.   Consume me... I constantly think about blog posts and photos I need to take, this little space means so much to me that I want to out so much effort in. It's hard at this point in my life because I am juggling so many things right now but it's worth it (see numbers 1-2 above).
5.   Swap buttons... when I started this blog I never imagined that someone would want to swap buttons and advertise their blog on mine, more butterflies!  Speaking of, if anyone else would like to swap please click here.  I have met some awesome women already, check out my sidebar!
Helene in Between Blogtober

Happy Friday Friends!  Throw on your happy pants and bust out a dance... or a cocktail... or both! 

I am also linking up  with Karli and Amy, and Leslie from A Blonde Ambition, plus the original 5 on Friday ladies are back and I would love to win the sweet giveaway they have to celebrate their return.  Fingers crossed Darci, Christina, Natasha and Liz!


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  1. Oh, comments! I love them so much and I love to connect with other bloggers through comments! I LOVE them so much. I also had NO idea how time consuming and just consuming in general that blogging would be. Good grief! It's so worth it, but yes...I agree with you - so consuming.


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