Thursday, 9 October 2014

#Blogtober14: Halloween Obsessions #TBT

When I saw today's #Blogtober14 prompt I was stoked because I knew it would be a slam dunk.  Maybe not the best writing but tons of photos for sure because if you know me and/or my hubby, you know that Halloween is huge in our house. HUGE.  Hubby’s birthday is November 1st and Halloween is hands down his favourite holiday and it’s one of mine too (after Christmas and my birthday obviously, because my birthday is a holiday… in my mind).  The first few years we were together we threw a Halloween/birthday party but now people are having kids and need to work in the morning… growing up is hard. 
But when we moved into the main portion of our house (we lived in the coach house out back and rented out the house) we entered a new Halloween phase.  Now it’s not about all about the partying (although cocktails are thoroughly enjoyed).
We decorate the front yard with tombstones and have lighted signs and a smoke machine, this year we found a string of skull lights that make noise when you walk by, and we love to see the kids in their costumes and hand out candy. 
My hubby gives out way too much candy to each kid.
Milo ha a skeleton that I force him to wear dress him in.
Like I said, Halloween is a big deal in our house.
Now do you think I could find a single photo of any of the things I mentioned above?
No.  WTF??
And then I remembered I was just starting to blog last Fall and knew I had to have posted some photos of our cemetery at least??
Short of going to my mom's house and digging out all her photos (which I obviously couldn't do because this one was going to be so easy I could procrastinate all I wanted) all I could find were these from last year:

As a member of our company's social committee, a costume was mandatory last year and I was a girl geek a la Big Bang Theory #TBT

We also had a pumpkin carving contest... my skeleton man won 2nd place! #TBT
So while we are a family obsessed with Halloween, I apparently can’t take a single photo to prove it.
Milo and Hubby – get ready for a few photo sessions this year!


  1. Cannot forget to take photos! I always feel like the very worst blogger when I do that. Excellent carvings by the way and I love that mummy.. vase is it?

  2. Mom gave us the same Mummy guy!! Ours holds a pumpkin we got at Costco that smokes and has changing lights. The boys tried to get me to buy a big skeleton just the other day.
    We love Halloween too!!

  3. I love Big Bang theory! Good costume choice, also highly considering reusing that where's waldo costume for my office party this year.. I don't think a mermaid would be rather appropriate lol.

    Sensibly Sharp
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