Thursday, 16 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - (Lack of) Fall Fashion

I am by no means a fashion blogger (check out my instagram for some entertaining selfie attempts) and I am barely what one would call fashionable in real life.  I am comfiest in a pair of pyjama yoga pants and loose shirt.  My poor husband!  

A couple days ago I bought a pair of earrings because I had an important dinner meeting and forgot to put on any jewelry besides my wedding rings and I felt blah.  So I saw this pair of cute earrings on sale and I thought why not?  They made me feel a little less dowdy... the fact that I showed up in a pant suit and everyone else was in jeans and comfy sweaters with cute scarves kind of sucked but at least it wasn't the other way around.  I like the earrings so much that I wore them again yesterday and I was honestly really impressed that I mixed patterns - seriously, this was a big step for me.

I even took a selfie to document the moment:

Another sad (as in bad) selfie

After taking eleventh selfies and settling on the best one (seriously, above) I decided I need to make more of an effort.  So I obviously went straight to Pinterest to find a couple looks that might work for me.  Of course I fell in love with fifty but this outfit basically sums it all up: comfortable, cute and oh so versatile.
the perfect fall outfit

It also means I need to invest in some items (yay shopping!):
  • quality black leggings (my TNA pair have seen some better days)
  • two tunic style shirts (light colours)
  • a soft gray cardigan (like the one above)
  • a statement necklace (bright and colourful)
  • a long necklace (not pictured)
So now I need suggestions from all of you - where do I go to get these items without breaking the bank??

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. Check Target for the cardigan. They have a ton of super cute boyfriend-style cardigans right now!

    I'm obsessed with Baublebar for all my statement jewelry. It's fairly inexpensive and great quality!

  2. Um I almost wrote the same exact same post as you, including the same pin, ha! Even our titles are similar. I changed mine up last minute to more explain my lack of fashion, but I appreciate knowing there is another gal like me out there :)

  3. Where do you do most of your shopping? I'm not a fashion blogger either, but I love getting quality statement items that will last me more than one season. I find that some stuff from Target or Old Navy only lasts 1 good in my book!


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