Monday, 27 October 2014

At Least It's Not Ebola

Are you there World? It's me, Sarah.  That's right friends, I'm back!  Kind of.  I apologize for my disappearance last week and am hopefully back in action.  As I mentioned on Tuesday I had started coughing Monday night and by 2pm the next day it felt like I was swallowing shards of broken glass.  I was terrified it was strep throat and then thankful that it was just the plague a virus, but as I end day 6 still sounding like a frog with a hacking cough, I kind of wish it had been strep because I would have gotten antibiotics that kick in over 24-36 hours.  But no, after a steady stream of over the counter meds including Tylenol cold & flu, NyQuil, Buckleys and NeoCitron, I finally went to the doctor this morning for some relief.  Hopefully the cough syrup with codeine helps and we will be able to sleep tonight.  Decent shut eye has been MIA since my coughing is the worst when laying down.  And basically what all this boils down to is...

I didn't drink this weekend.  

And sadly I can't remember the last time I could say that so maybe this is a good thing?  I will be making this up though when the Mr. and I head on vacation November 6th!  We are meeting my sister B and her fiancĂ© in Las Vegas for a few days and then we're driving to Palm Springs for the rest of our vacay.  I am beyond excited and thankful that I got sick now and not while we are away.

But thankfully it's not Ebola.  Too soon?  Really though, that would suck.

I have also failed miserably at #Blogtober14 but such is life.  I may join in once or twice this week, I haven't really planned any posts this week so let's be honest, it's quite likely.  I also haven't made a weekly meal plan... oy epic failure!  We went grocery shopping on Friday night but I was kind of just going through the motions, feeling totally out of it and had no energy.  So I'm not exactly sure what we have in the fridge so it's going to be a play it by ear kind of week.  My hubby has been really good though and has done a lot of the cooking so I can rest.

I took Milo for a walk in the pouring rain on Saturday.  Probably not the smartest idea but it felt so good to get out in the fresh air, even if it was pissing rain.  And our little Milo-man loves walking in the rain.  He hates going out to pee when it's raining but if he gets to go for a walk, he's all for it.  I really want to get him a rain coat though because he also loves going through all the puddles and gets filthy.  

Walking with Milo along the water

Walking with Milo along the water

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet and I had a lot of time for Netflix Bingeing (seriously Netflix, I would be the perfect #StreamTeam member so call me please!!).  I also had both fur babies constantly underfoot and Milo even cuddled up to me which I obviously caught on camera.

cuddles with Milo
See??  He's almost in my lap!

cuddles with Jinx
Jinx is a big night-time cuddler

Hopefully some of the above made sense and I'm also hoping that these meds I was prescribed mean I will wake up and be able to function well enough to make it to the office.   Whether I get any work done or not is another matter, showing up is half the battle right?
Any tips for evicting a cough beast from my chest??  All healing vibes welcomed!

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  1. :( I hope you feel better soon! My boyfriend was a little sickling as well this weekend! (but, you're right, at least it isn't ebola!)
    You're little furbabies are so adorable!

    Have a great week!


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