Thursday, 2 October 2014

#Blogtober14: Dream Job

Look at me showing up for day 2 of #Blogtober14, I’m on a roll! 
Helene in Between

When I was about 7 I wanted to be a lawyer.  Because “I like to talk” answered 7 year old me when my dad asked me why.  I’m not too sure where that came from or how I even knew what a lawyer was, but by the time I was about 10 I had refined it even further to an international corporate lawyer.  For the record, I had a fairly normal childhood… besides moving a lot (A LOT) for my dad’s job life was pretty standard. 

The lawyer dream followed me pretty much through high school and then I went to university.  And that was when I realized I had no clue what I wanted to do.  Needless to say I am not a lawyer, I ended up in marketing.  Is it my dream job?  Where I am now is pretty great actually, they didn’t even have a marketing position before I started so I got to shape the job into what I want and I work with some great people, I have a ton of support for career development and growth ,but it’s still a corporate gig working 8.5 hours a day with limited vacation time.  And while I don’t wake up dreading going in, I don’t wake up jumping for joy either.

Sometimes I think that I would love to be a stay at home wife with no schedule so I could take a yoga class and meet people for lunch and of course volunteer for a charity or two.  But then I think about the trade off and what being a SAHW would mean:

·         I would probably have to get up and make my hubby’s breakfast because it would be the nice thing right?

·         I would have to say bye to our house cleaner because I would obviously have enough time to clean the bathrooms and vacuum.

·         I would have to cook dinner.  Every night. We know how I feel about that (and if you don’t click here).

·         I wouldn’t be making my own money.  Ugh. 

·         I probably wouldn’t have that many friends to have lunch with because they would be working.  So I might get bored.

So I think SAHW is out for me… well I know it’s out for me but we’re fantasizing here right? 

Oh and SAH-MOM is a whole different game but we don’t have a kid so I’m not even touching that one.  A dream job seems more relaxing.

I think if I could do what I do with a teacher’s schedule I would be pretty darn happy.  I want Christmas, summer, spring break; I want all the holidays off and big chunks of time to enjoy life.  Maybe one day my company will love me so much that I will be able to make a schedule that works for me.  Maybe?  Or maybe I haven't even discovered what my dream job is yet.

Have you discovered what your dream job is?

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  1. I love your response, "because I like to talk." Haha it's just that simple!!!

    I would take SAHM or SAHW any day! I love the satisfaction of checking things off MY list, rather than someone else's. SAHW isn't going to happen for me, but SAHM will some day!!!


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