Tuesday, 14 October 2014

#Blogtober14: Childhood Memories

Hello!  I managed to drag my butt out of bed this morning after an amazing long weekend with my hubby, the fur babies and our families… I love Thanksgiving!  Ours may be earlier than our friends south of the border but that just means we get to consume ourselves with all things Christmas a little bit earlier and that is totally ok with me.

We did some work around the house, slept in, watched movies, ate too much turkey with all the fixings and indulged in baking galore.  My hubby had to work yesterday so I indulged in a lazy morning/early afternoon before I started to feel yucky.  I kept trying to sit down and write today’s post (and even had dreams of working on some for the whole week) but my head was pounding and my thoughts were spinning.  Add a runny nose and a general feeling of blah-ness and you have what my husband had the pleasure of hanging out with last night.  Needless to say I crawled into bed early and knocked myself out with cold medicine.  I woke up this morning feeling groggy but better than I did yesterday so hopefully I managed to knock whatever it was out of my system.
I love short work weeks.
And I am now getting back on the #Blogtober14 bandwagon…

Helene in Between Blogtober

It is so hard to single out one memory from when I was a kid but I decided to help narrow it down by going through the photos that have actually been scanned.  There are 4 so that helps.  Oh and I’m old.
When we were living in Peru, my dad’s friend/colleague had a lovely dog named Natasha and she had puppies.  I fell in love with said puppies and would cuddle them every chance I got.  I begged for a puppy and I even had mine picked out and had named him Tigger.  Oh how I wanted my puppy and how sad was I when my mom kept refusing.  There was no way she was letting me take Tigger home and I just didn’t understand why not.  Tigger was SO cute… he was a snowy white with a couple of dark gray spots on his back and the biggest blue eyes you had ever seen.  He had the most adorable floppy ears and big paws… who couldn’t love him??  Oh, Tigger was also a Great Dane.
I understand now why my mom was so hesitant but back then I was devastated.
Until one evening when I went with my dad to his friend’s house and I’m not sure if it was the adorable scene of his daughter playing with “her” puppy or the beer that was consumed (who am I kidding, it was totally the beer) but I got to run home that night and tell my mom that Tigger was coming home to live with us!
Pretty sure my dad got in trouble that night.
But the next day Tigger came home to live with us and it was kind of like I got two for one - I got Tigger and I had always wanted a horse.  Tigger grew to the size of a pony.
Tigger, my Great Dane
Taking my puppy out for a walk... don't you love my rolls and slouch slock? 
Oh and the bang, I had killer bangs...



  1. We got our first dog when I was 4, so I don't really understand what it would have been like to beg for a dog (ours came free from my preschool teacher who's dog had puppies). That dog was the best thing ever and probably the best dog I have ever known. She was a doll! Animals are quite amazing, aren't they?

  2. Those darn umbro jackets. Ugh! Tigger was so cute. I remember when mom decided to move all the plants to a coffee table behind the couch beside the front door. One wag of the tail and every last terra cotta pot was broken!! We did grow up with a dog but she died just before we moved to Peru and I think mom still missed her.


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