Monday, 10 November 2014

Weekend Recap: Goodbye Las Vegas and Hello Palm Springs

That is quite the lengthly title but totally accurate as I sit here with sun streaming through the windows and palm trees surrounding the pool I will be heading too just as soon as I hit 'publish'.  Yesterday we left the colourful chaos that is Las Vegas and traveled west to Palm Springs.  The drive sucked big time (traffic jams the whole way) and took twice as long as it should have but I was a passenger with a fully charged iPad and my latest book club read so didn't really have any complaints.  It was a welcome break from walking (20,000+ steps on Saturday!!) and forced down time, perfect prep for relaxation.

Palm Springs view
Good morning from Palm Springs!

You know that feeling when you leave Las Vegas, the 'I need a vacation from my vacation' feeling? Well we got smart and nipped it in the bud.  We had three days and nights in Sin City, walked the strip up and down, watched the Mirage fire volcano show and Bellagion fountains dance, drank way too many drinks, discovered new table games (I'm not a big gambler but I did enjoy Let it Ride and even won $75) and saw the. best. show. ever.  Absinthe is described as an adult's circus but I describe it like a Cirque du Soleil show with offside comedy on steroids.  My laugh muscles got the best workout and I thought a couple of the acrobats were going to fall and die.  It was crazy awesome, I can't say enough about it and will never do it justice, just go see it (as long as you don't get offended easily!).

The best part about Vegas was... well there were actually two... my husband's face lighting up over and over (he LOVES it) and seeing my younger sister.  So fun.  And now we have five days of hanging out at the pool, lazy shopping, happy hours and tasty dinners.  I am just going to try and make sure it doesn't go too fast, and that I enjoy every moment.

But for now, here are a couple pictures of our trip so far...

Las Vegas vacation
Touchdown in Sin City!

Las Vegas vacation
First frosty cocktail at Dick's Bar

Las Vegas vacation
Reunited with my sister <3

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  1. Wish we could have joined you! Maybe next time you decide to go out parents won't be on the other side of the world! 😉 hope you have a wonderful time and give B a hug from me. Miss you two.


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