Thursday, 7 November 2013

Don't Confuse the Cows

Like so many, I am definitely not a morning person and am downright hostile not happy even waking up on the weekends (except Christmas, I adore Christmas morning but the mimosas and presents are what get me out of bed)… so when I got a text message at 4:49am I growled and turned over, ignoring hubby’s cheerful voice asking “who is your friend so early?”.  After getting myself out of bed an hour and a half later (I only pressed snooze once but then had to be pushed out of bed because I needed to get to work early in order to leave early) I checked my phone.  My sister had answered my text from the night before, no big deal but this was the brief conversation that followed:
First, apologies for the TMI on my pimple but I was not expecting what came next and never imagined I would be posting this convo on my blog, but if anyone has any 24 hour cures for pimples please let me know as I have no desire to bring a third party on vacation!
Second, the cows would get confused??  I rarely laugh in the morning, much less in the dark at 6:30am, but I found this hilarious!  It actually deserved an “LOL” because I was indeed lol’ing.  And because my sister wasn’t expanding on this revelation, I needed wanted more information.
To Google I went and I typed in ‘effects of DST on cows’ and found a few articles* claiming that cows do, indeed, get confused with time change, and after reading the articles I can see how they would indeed get confused.  As far as I got in my research, some US and Canadian cities and Queensland do not observe daylight savings.  I didn’t know that (for some places) it was for this reason. 
It might not be super exciting or even relevant to my life but I learned something today.  (Can you tell that I cannot concentrate on anything productive because I am mere hours from being on vacation??).
Did anyone else expand their knowledge of completely random subjects today?
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