Monday, 25 November 2013

Weekend Recap

And so another Monday is upon us… and today is even slightly more painful because the past two weeks I was only in the office Wednesday through Friday, so a full five days this week seems like forever.  I do have a lot work to do so maybe I can put my blinders on, focus on work and the week will fly by… but more likely I will get called into meetings, chat (I like to say I’m shy but I'm starting think I'm not?) but with any luck work will get done and Friday will eventually arrive.  Enough griping about Monday, below is a recap of our busy weekend!
Saturday night we had my work Christmas party at the aquarium (so weird, it’s not even December and we already had our party?!?) and everything was set up in a large viewing room beside the dolphin and whale tanks.  I still haven’t seen the movie Blackfish (likely a subconscious decision with everything I have heard about it) and it was so fun to watch them swim around.  The dolphins – I think I was actually told they are porpoises – would hang out at the viewing window and follow your hand and were just adorable. 
Besides the live entertainment, the food was amazing and the wine was flowing… very thankful I had my fair share because I was talked into calling the Bingo numbers when we played after dinner.  After Bingo was played and the prizes were won, everyone gathered their things and left faster than me after being told the bar was empty.  It appears my coworkers are not late night partiers… but that just meant hubby and I continued the party at our house!
Sunday morning I woke up around 8:30am and felt pretty good… I woke up again around 9:30 and had a bit of a headache… and when I finally dragged myself out of bed at 11:00 I really did not feel well.  But I had a baby shower to attend so I poured a (baileys) coffee and then broke out the Caesar fixings.  Nothing like hair of the dog to prepare you for an afternoon of baby games.  At least the hostesses stocked a ton of wine and put out a delicious spread.  It may have been my hangover but the mini quiches, sausage rolls and spinach dip went down very well.  A few times.  I may have completely fallen off the food wagon taken a slight holiday from my WW goals but today is a brand new day.
I actually won the Celebrity Baby Name contest (my celebrity gossip addiction finally pays off!) and got a $10 Starbucks gift certificate.  And then we did the activity that I was dreading.  Decorating onesies.  I’m not artistic and the mom-to-be ends up with a pile of these “decorated” onesies – does she actually use them??  It would have to be a pretty impressive piece that got me to put it on my child (I say now as a childless person who has no clue how much poop, spit up, etc. comes with these things and who also hates doing laundry).  But this party planner knew her stuff – we were given quilting fabric, stencils, drawing paper, etc. and we cut out shapes and glued them on with fabric glue!  So cool!  I had a blast making mine and they all ended up so cute, the baby will so many sweet outfits.
All the sweet gifts and activities and happiness made my uterus hurt.  I basically wanted to go home and tell hubby "let's do this NOW!" but I don't think I'm ready.  I know that the timing is never perfect and you can never know what is going to happen, and I do want to have a baby but we just got married and shouldn't we enjoy that for a few months?  I love being married and I want to savour this time, but I also don't want to wait too long.  We have decided to talk about it next year and  see how we feel in a few months.
After the shower I went home and crawled into bed… and napped until 6pm.  So I was up until midnight last night unable to fall asleep.  I really need to stop napping late on Sundays.
What did you do this weekend?  
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