Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Happy Hump Day (for you not me!)

Yay!  It’s Wednesday, better known as Hump Day, but for this week only it’s my Thursday!  That’s because tomorrow (Thursday) is my Friday because on the actual Friday hubby and I are heading to…


Oh yes, we are escaping the cold and rain for five days of sun!  I can’t wait to indulge in drinks, yummy food, shopping, cocktails, shows, margaritas, relaxing by the pool, wine… did I say drinks?  We are meeting my sister and her fiancĂ© there so it will be great to spend a few days with them.

And what did I do in preparation for Las Vegas?  This:

                                                           Before...                                 After!

Not a drastic change but I love it and have gotten a lot of compliments so far!
Last night I abandoned (his words) my husband and went to my SIL’s house for dinner – we live a block apart and our dogs are BFFs so it’s a match made in in-law Heaven.  We made butternut squash risotto, so simple but sooo delicious, I will post the recipe at some point.  I didn’t take any pictures though so I may have to wait until I make it at home and then I can actually illustrate how we did it. 

I’m off to do a ton of laundry and get ready for our trip – ever notice that chores are a lot easier when you’re preparing for a vacation??

Happy Hump Day Everyone!


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