Thursday, 25 September 2014

A 9 Month Wait...

Not that 9 month wait!  One of our favourite summer traditions has officially come to an end for another year.  It’s bittersweet really… you get so invested over 3 months and with all the drama, chaos and buildup you can’t wait to see the final outcome.  BUT it also means another long 9 month wait until you get another fix. 
The Big Brother season finale was last night. 
And for the first time ever, my pick from day 1 won!  That would be Derrick, for those of you with lives living under a rock.  My hubby’s choice from the start was Donnie and I knew he would win America’s Favourite Player, but I figured pretty early on that there was no way he would go all the way.  I don’t normally get invested in the strategy and all that jazz (I am more of an emotional spectator who gets drawn in by personality and who wears the cutest clothes) but for some reason I took note at the beginning of the season when Derrick told the audience that he was an undercover cop but his strategy was to hide that from the other players and use his skills to basically manipulate everyone from behind the scenes.  The thing is, people come into Big Brother with all these strategies at the beginning but I can’t remember one that worked from day one.  Derrick’s did.  And he is the only houseguest to never be nominated! How crazy is that?? 
So basically, Derrick had his shit together and he totally deserved to win.
 Derrick Levasseur wins Big Brother 16
Five of my favourite moments from this season of Big Brother were (in descending order):
5) When Devin was evicted.  That dude made my skin crawl from day one.
4) Caleb and Amber’s super awkward date… it was so painful to watch but you just couldn’t look away.  And how oblivious was Caleb?? It was creepy and I am genuinely worried for any female he falls for in the future. 
3) Frankie winning a Battle of the Block competition on his own.  I wasn’t a huge Frankie fan but to see him win a competition on his own that was meant for two people was pretty amazing.  Caleb would have succeeded in his mission to lose had he actually chosen to play and fucked it up.  #hindsight
2) Zingbot’s zingers!  Not much explanation needed here, if I could come up with one-liners like his I would quit my job and head out on the road.  I laugh so hard I cry every. freaking. time.
1) Jeff proposing to Jordan.  Ummm can you say perfect couple?  I have the biggest woman crush on Jordan and would love to be her friend.  And I wouldn’t kick Jeff out of bed for eating crackers so there’s that.  Those two need a reality show!  Although they don’t really because couples with reality shows always break up so maybe they just need to appear on every season of Big Brother.
Jeff proposes to Jordan on Big Brother 16
Until next summer #BigBrother!
So what do we do now that we have 3 hours a week back??

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  1. I saw this pop-up in my feed and wanted to join in the Derrick #BB16 joy :) That moment when Frankie won his own BBOB was one of my favorite moments too.... and the whole tense conversation that happened before it. Now that is some quality programming!
    I feel like the editors on the show were really killin' it this year too, more than usual.


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