Monday, 15 September 2014

Weekend Recap & Tasty Meal Plan

And another Monday rears it's ugly head all too soon. Remember that whole taking it easy and possibly even learning to meditate weekend I was planning? Yeah that didn't happen... but I did catch up with a friend I see rarely, planned a couple get togethers my mom and I are hosting, ate some delicious sushi (our new delivery spot for sure) had too many drinks in the sun, played with my camera and laughed a lot. It felt great to let loose and have fun.  It means that I didn't get anything on my list done but you know the saying - rules are made to be broken.

Hubby and I enjoyed a fairly quiet Sunday just hanging around at home.  I organized the kitchen and got lunch stuff ready for the week.  I am going to be MIA this week as we 10 people in town for a training seminar which means long days for me, but I am excited about meeting new people and observe the training sessions.  I organized a seminar in April for 24 people and it was a blast so I'm sure this one will be fun as well.
On a side note, you know how facebook suggests groups for you to join?  Below is the recommendation I got yesterday and I'm thinking they really need to qualify their members a bit better.  I'm not single and I'm pretty sure the wedding photos seen all over my profile reinforce that fact.  Also, if I were in fact single, I would not be looking for a girlfriend.  Friends who are girls, sure always happy to have more in my life, but I don't need to be single for those ones.   So yeah, facebook knows me really well.

We have been doing really well with our meal plans and even though I won't be here for a couple dinners we have some tasty eats planned.

Sunday:  I defrosted some puff pastry on Saturday for some appetizers I intended to make but never did, so I put my big girl panties on and made chicken pot pies for the first time.  And I nailed it.  They were delicious.

Monday: I will throw some prawns into a tomato cream sauce and boil some linguini and mix it all together.  Easy and tasty.

Tuesday: Hubby is on his own and making one of his favourites, fish tacos.  Tempura battered tilapia with coleslaw in garden veggie wraps.  He might be just a bit too excited about them...

Wednesday: I have been buying a rotisserie chicken and removing all the meat so it's quick and ready to throw in a dinner.  I will cut up some veggies and make chicken quesadillas to serve with a side salad.

Thursday: Another dinner I will miss so the Mr. is making himself BLT sandwiches with turkey bacon.  

Friday: Dinner out :)

What do you have coming up this week?

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  1. Fish tacos are a favorite of mine too! I find that you can find them everywhere, but each place puts their own spin on them! Yum!

  2. OMG that facebook group. I swear it's on crack! I love your meal plan design, lovely! I love seeing what everyone has cooking for the week!


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