Monday, 22 September 2014

Big Bang Love (and Other Stuff...)

Good morning world!  The only reason that I am happy greeting a Monday is because I am so excited because... THE BIG BANG THEORY SEASON PREMIERE IS TONIGHT!  A FULL HOUR!  I apologize for the type yelling but TBBT is my favourite show.  I love a lot of shows past and present, but I choose this one over them all. I may or may not have discussed a friend's betrayal in this post that illustrates my obsession with the show. So if anyone needs me this evening I am unavailable #sorrynotsorry.

And so another week has started, another Friday countdown, and catch up time for me with everything I missed at the office last week.  Last week's training seminar went amazingly well and I met a great group of people from all over the world.  We even had a guy from Scotland and we kept teasing that he wouldn't be allowed back into the country if the separation vote went through.  When the results came in Thursday night he kicked off one heck of a celebration.  He also slept through breakfast and barely made it to the final session Friday morning... not that the rest of us were much better, I was downing Advil like candy.  I left work a couple hours early and passed out at home until my hubby dragged me out of bed for date night.  It was an early (and sober) one.

After sleeping like the dead I woke up and spent Saturday lounging around the house.  I didn't have any appointments or places I needed to be and after running around all week, it felt great to be lazy.  Taking advantage of the sun that appeared after 4 days of rain, I set myself up outside and got into the new read for my book club. We had a quiet night in catching up on PVR shows (ok I may have taken over the PVR to catch up on my chick shows but hubby kept himself busy) and crawled into bed at a decent hour.

Somersby cider
Saturday's hardest decision... start with pear, blackberry or citrus? (For the record: pear)
Milo in the sun
My chillaxing companion
Great Little Lies book
Spent some time reading our book club's latest pick... perfect read for a lazy day!

Sunday was another fairly quiet day, I ran a couple errands to make sure we were ready for the week meal-wise and then resumed my lazy weekend position.  I had to get as much rest in as possible because I am back at my side gig this week so have long days Tuesday through Thursday... hopefully I get into some sort of rhythm with this schedule.  Oh and a family nap, we love our family naps :)

I am excited for this week's meal plan, we are trying out a couple new ideas.


Sunday | Beef Dips:  We have roast beef that was simmered for a few hours in au jus, the perfect meat slices for a beef dip night.  

Monday | Flat Bread Chicken Pizza: We bought some Turkish flat bread and if we don't use it up sooner rather than later it will go stale, so I'm thinking pizza?  We have pizza sauce, veggies, pepperoni and cheese.  Sounds like a winner to me and bonus - thin crust!

Tuesday | Pork Chops: I found a pork chop recipe that we both love and it's super easy so perfect for a week night meal

Wednesday | Macaroni and Cheese: I bought organic red lentil pasta from Costco and am going to try sneaking it into homemade macaroni and cheese.  I just hope it can pass as pasta for my hubby...

Thursday | BFD: Our old faithful Breakfast for Dinner... this is a good way to use up peppers, zucchini and mushrooms in a veggie 
egg scramble.  

Friday: Ordering in!

What do you have cooking up this week?

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  1. YES! It seems like saturday was a much needed lazy day in most of blogland! I pretty much read a book all day and it was glorious! Your meal plan looks delish for the week!


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