Wednesday, 10 September 2014

To PSL or Not?

I got to my desk Monday morning and found a little present waiting for me from one of my colleagues.
Starbucks coupons
On Fridays I treat myself to a 'fancy' coffee, my favourite being a white chocolate mocha or as I like to call it Heaven in a cup (on vacation I even get the whipped cream). Monday through Thursday I drink office coffee made slightly better by all the flavoring crap I bring in to disguise the taste.  I simply can't bring myself to spend $5 every morning on a coffee plus I'm too lazy to take the extra 5-10 minutes to stop and get out of my car (no drive thrus on or even close to my route). So when I see the Starbucks coupons my heart (and wallet) do a little happy dance. And then I realize that there are TWO coupons for a pumpkin spice latte. PSL x 2? Really?
Starbucks PSL coupons
I have had exactly one PSL in my life and have even commented on other blogs that I'm not really a fan. The weirdest thing for me is the colour. Orange coffee? At Thanksgiving and Christmas I don't eat a whole piece of pumpkin pie but I always have 2-3 bites. Pumpkin loaf doesn't thrill me but I can wash it down with coffee. Brown coffee.
So I now have the coveted Starbucks coupons (seriously, I don't even know where he gets them) but two of them are for the infamous PSL. Can you see my dilemma? Do I suck it up and try it one (two) more time(s)? I could be super friendly and give the coupons to someone who loves PSLs... but I tend to be a glutton for punishment.
So... to PSL or not?

UPDATE! I did it, I gave it another shot (with only half the syrup to see if that would make a difference) and while I didn't hate it I won't be ordering another one.  So I have decided to give the other coupon away to someone who will appreciate it... as well as the two I received a couple days later.  Seriously?! 


  1. Not a huge PSL fan myself. But I'd say use one for yourself and then give someone else the other. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy in a strangers face when you randomly give away something free.

    Unless you completely fall in love, then keep the 2nd one for yourself. No shame in that! ;)

  2. I love, LOVE the Pumpkin Spice FRAP, I am not a fan of the latte.. Maybe I am the weirdo? I would totally use the coups on myself - I am selfish like that.

  3. Never tried the PSL but so nice you got a coupon. We say, try it again and if you don't like it, give the last coupon to someone who loves them!

    xx 365hangers


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