Monday, 29 September 2014

Garage Sales Suck

It’s Monday, it’s pouring rain, my coffee is cold and I have cramps.  TMI?  Sorry but that’s my morning.  I did manage to sleep in for half an hour this morning but really I was catching up on sleep because the pains ripping through my abdomen kept me up until midnight.  Do cramps get worse as you get older or is it just me??  Isn’t that something that should go away with time??  And the best drugs for taking away the pain make me sleepy so I can’t really take them at work so I have to suffer which obviously means that everyone around me has to suffer. 
Sorry I didn’t mean for this to be a post about my lady business but that’s Monday for you.
We had a super busy weekend.  Our tenant decided to have a garage sale on Saturday and because I am a hoarder pack rat I thought it would be a good idea to throw some of our (my) junk out there so Friday after work we raided the house and put out DVD’s, video games, household crap, shoes, purses, clothes, etc.  Then Saturday morning I hauled it up to the carport and got it all organized (of course my husband had to work) and settled in with my Baileys coffee. 
Garage sales suck.  Seriously people are cheap!  You’re already selling a brand-new-in plastic DVD for $1 and people want to pay $0.25.  And people are rude!  Some woman was telling me how old our tenant’s little dog looks.  She is old but she doesn’t need some stranger to rub it in her face.
Around 10am my Baileys was replaced with something a little stronger.
Somersby pear cider

I started taking pictures of stuff and posting it on Facebook groups and would you know, it started selling.  We actually made just over $80 and then yesterday I made another $41.  I also took the books that didn’t sell to a local used bookstore and got $56 in credit, and then I donated all the non-name brand clothes.  So I did actually get a lot of crap out of the house and made a little bit of cash doing it.
And then all too quick it was Sunday evening and the weekend was over.  Here’s hoping this week goes by quick and Friday rolls around soon!
This is what we have cooking this week:
Meal plan

Sunday | Cheese Tortellini with Homemade Tomato Garlic Sauce: our garden this year was the best it’s ever been and although they took a while to get going, our cherry tomato plants exploded (and we still have more coming!).  I had so many cherry tomatoes that I knew would go to waste if I didn’t do something with them so I decided to make tomato sauce because if there is one thing my hubby can’t get enough of, it’s pasta. I even got to use two tiny green peppers from our veggie crop as well!   

Monday | Asian Style Pork Chops: one of our new favourites, this recipe is so easy to make but has tons of flavour so I always get away with it.  I marinade the pork chops overnight and then serve with rice and veggies.

Tuesday | BFD: we actually missed out on our BFD last week so we are craving some breakfast food tastiness.  I think I am going to toast up some bread, slather it with cream cheese and then pop an over-easy egg on top.  Serve with fruit and enjoy!

Wednesday | Turkey Parmesan Meatball Casserole: I am trying this recipe and if the photo is true to life then it will not disappoint.

Thursday | Chicken Fajitas: nearing the end of the week is when we get lazy and in order to avoid slipping into fast food easiness, we need to have some fast and ready to go.  This recipe for baked chicken fajitas looks like just that.

Friday: I am out for dinner with my book club and the Mr. will probably get takeout.
Have you ever had a garage sale or are they a thing of the past?

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  1. Ha damn. Your monday makes me feel a little better about my monday. Although your monday was my Thursday so are we even? Stupid lady business. We should be allowed unlimited brownies and lifetime movies during that time of the month, in my opinion. <3 And yeah. Garage sales suck. The big one.

  2. I love getting rid of my junk for cheap, but you are so right! People are sooo cheap! I've resorted to just donating my stuff because I don't want to deal with people! Haha! I had a rough lady business week last week too. Pick yourself up some of those heating pads that you stick to yourself and some ice cream. Those two things will make a world of difference! :) Feel better, hun!


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