Friday, 5 September 2014

Oh Hey Friday: Stalking and Swapping

Happy Friday!  So did anyone else feel really off this week?  Normally I love a short week and love how fast another weekend comes around but this week I was extremely sluggish. I had to drag myself out of bed and no outfits worked (and of course I hadn't planned the night before)... I'm telling ya, it was a rough one.  But Friday has arrived and that means wine is in my very near future!  Oh and it's supposed to be gorgeous outside both days so I should probably take advantage of that.

Seeing as I was a tad loopy this week I am freestyling today so get ready for a bunch of random.  

1 |  New Connections

We got some exciting news last week that resulted in me writing about my hubby's rare condition called LCHAD... if you're new to the party check out this post.  And then a couple days ago I got a message from a mom whose young son (and possibly her daughter) has LCHAD and she started a blog about it.  This is the first non-medical person I have connected with who knows what LCHAD is and I have this blog and the blogging community to thank for that.  Pretty cool.

 2 |  Currently Loving to Hate my iPhone

My phone keeps spazzing out and decides not to send or receive text messages, and kicks me out all my apps and offline  so basically my phone is just a phone.  As in all I could do on it was talk.  Like back in 1996.  My current contract is up in January and I am hoping to switch to the hubby's carrier and get some sort of family plan so if I don't have to drop $200 on another iPhone 4S I will be very happy.  I am turning into such a frequent visitor at the Genius Bar that I'm going to be a permanent guest on the VIP door list.  If only they actually served alcohol...

Apple's Genius Bar
They do not look this happy when I'm there! (source)

3 |  New Front Door

We got a new front door.  This is exciting because we had the house's original single-pane door from like the 1930s and you could feel a frigid draft wafting in during cold weather. What's not exciting is the fact that the old door and all the garbage is still sitting on the front porch.  Oh and we don't have a doorknob... but we have a deadbolt.  The husband will be finishing it all up this weekend.  And then we just have to replace the roof, paint all the trim, powerwash the siding... #smallsteps.

new door

4 |  Neighbourhood Stalking  

Yup, I did.  I totally spied on our neighbours.  But not in an exciting way.  K and I were walking the dogs and we saw that one of the neighbours is painting their house purple!! How awesome is that??  I was so excited, it's the perfect shade of dark purple, but the house is surrounded by hedges.  So I handed my leash to K and snuck up their walk to the front gate so I could get a better look take some photos.  K walked halfway down the block and pretended she didn't know me. I probably would have done the same thing.

I apologize for the horrible picture quality but this is my dream house colour.  My husband says no but we have a few years to discuss.

stalking our area

stalking our area

stalking our area

Stalking apparently runs in our family... Milo stalks our next door neighbour's dog for hours. He stares through a tiny crack in the fence and just watches her play.  Little creep.  I'll try and get a photo this weekend.

5 |  Button Swap
My blog grew up just a little bit this week.  I now have a sidebar section for blog friends and would love to swap buttons with other bloggers.  If this interests you please get in touch with me!  I plan to start tackling SEO this weekend so wish me luck...

What do you all have going on this weekend?

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  1. HAHA! I totally stalk our neighbors too. I mean, sometimes you have to. HA! You can swap buttons using Passionfruit if you don't have to have to deal with code and everything like that...they make it super simple to do that. Let me know if you want to set it up and aren't sure how to do it.

  2. Oo I don't know if I could paint my house purple! It's a pretty color though! And I'd love to swap buttons with you! :)

  3. I would love to swap buttons :) Just let me know if you still have room … <3 and love your house!!!

    1. email- ;) would love to work with one another - blog:


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