Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gettin Quirky With It

I was doing my usual blog tour today and one of my favourites, Erin, had a list of her “quirks” which I thoroughly enjoyed and then I thought, hey do I have quirks too??  Can I actually somewhat relate to this twenty-something hip chick living the life in Manhattan??  Not in a gazillion years Maybe but pretty sure mine are ‘weird’ quirks and not ‘cute’ quirks.  Let’s see shall we?

  1. When shopping (for groceries, clothes, magazines, whatever) I never take the item from the front/top, I prefer to take one from at least two places behind/under and I always look for creases, dents, rips, etc.  This drives hubby nuts (he enjoys telling me when he grabbed something from the front when I was in a different aisle) but I totally rubbed off on one of my besties… and then I found out she rubbed off on someone else!  It’s a cycle.

  2. I too, like Erin, cannot remember movie or sitcom lines to save my life.  I’m not even that good at remembering plots, especially movies, so I can watch things again a few months later and it’s almost brand new again.  Good for me but hubby quotes Seinfeld like he played Jerry George and I never know what he’s talking about and he gets a tiny bit frustrated.

  3. When I am done eating my plate needs to be gone, it cannot be in front of me anymore.   What drives me nuts is when a restaurant insists on clearing plates when everyone is finished – are you kidding me??  It's torture

  4. I always sit cross-legged.  Always.  At my desk at work, at the table (in restaurants and at home!!), as a passenger in a car, etc.  For this reason I rarely wear skirts.

  5. Whenever I eat sandwiches on bread or toast, I tear the crusts off and eat them first.  For some reason, I think the middle tastes better and I eat it last because I want the best flavour to be the last thing I remember.  This sometimes backfires on me however, when I am too full to finish the middle :(

  6. French fries must be eaten in pairs or in three, and the pieces must be approximately the same length.  (I didn’t even really realize this one – hubby pointed it out after a couple months of dating!).

Well that covers round 1!  More to follow...

is everyone ready for Friday?? I am!



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