Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I have had the worst sleeps the last two nights, so bad that I am barely functioning today at work and am down two coffees and a big bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper (that whole diet thing is going awesome to shit btw).  Add in a pounding headache and that is me, watching every minute crawl by.

Why the bad sleep?  No clue.  Well, I can see alcohol being a factor on Sunday night because my sister was in town and we had day drinks and then a big family dinner, but that is no excuse for last night.  I could barely keep my eyes open at 7pm and hubby made us hot chocolates and I just knew I was going to sleep like a log!  Except when I crawled into bed at 9pm I was wide awake.  I finally got to sleep around 11pm and proceeded to wake up every hour or so.  I stayed in bed with my covers over my face for another hour until I had to force myself out of bed…

Hubby has suggested I go for a run tonight and I am really hoping that helps.  I don’t want to take any sleep aids because they always make me feel so out of it.  So my plan this evening includes:

  • Run with Milo

  • Dinner (hubby has offered to cook!)

  • Morning prep (lunches and furbie food)

  • Hot bath

  • Bed

Does anyone else have recommendations?

I love being in bed but I hate going to sleep (I almost feel like I am going to miss something?!?) and am embarrassed to admit that I actually put the TV on sleep and fall asleep that way.  And sometimes if I’m not asleep enough, the TV turning off actually wakes me up so I have to do it again.  Hubby doesn’t get it but can sleep through pretty much anything so he lives with it.  The other thing I have heard that might affect my sleep is Milo sleeping on the bed with us.  But I don’t ever want that to change… maybe I am destined to hate mornings and never be a good “wake-upper”.

In happier news we tried an amazing new (to us at least!) wine at our family dinner on Sunday: Van Westen Vineyard’s Vino Grigio and everyone loved it.  It went really well with turkey :)

vino grigio

My apologies for the babbling post complaint but I do not do well when sleep deprived!

Tomorrow is Hump Day, make it a good one!



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