Friday, 11 October 2013

Happy Day!


I am so happy today!!  And not just because it’s Friday but because it’s Friday and MY SISTER IS HOME FOR THE WEEKEND!! Is it slightly pathetic that she only moved away three weeks ago?  But I don’t care because she and her fiancée are home for a few days and that makes me over the moon excited!

I haven't talked much about B on here because her sudden uproot and move kind of rocked my world (in a bad way).  I know, how selfish can I get it??  She moved for all the right reasons… her fiancée got into law school which has been his dream for like 10 years and B ended up getting an awesome job that pays her basically double what she was making.  So I am incredibly happy for her and I know this is an exciting new chapter in their lives but I am just going to miss her so goddam much.

B is (besides my hubby and in only a way a sister can be) my bestest friend, my rock, my champion and reality kick when I need one.  She is an amazing person - last year she worked her full time job, became a CMA and was my maid of honor (another full-time job in itself, sorry B!) AND she was still the amazing friend that she has always been.  That’s one thing I envy about B – she has developed some of the best friendships I have ever seen and is so loyal to those lucky people, me included.

It wasn’t always that way… B is four years younger than me and when I was a teenager that was a pretty big age difference.  And I’m pretty sure all sisters fight but I’m also pretty sure certain I was quite the bitch and not the nicest person to my little sister.  But thankfully now that we are ‘adults’ we have an amazing relationship and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I can’t wait to see her tomorrow and hubby and I are having some people over as a farewell for B & A because everything happened in about 6 weeks and with everything involved, we didn’t really have a chance for a proper send off.  So I am looking forward to hugs and laughs and good times and many, many drinks… and then doing it all over again on Sunday with the family!  Hopefully I’ll get some good photos too.

B and Me
B and me

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


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