Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is hubby’s favourite holiday and so it’s a pretty dig at our house.  We have some decorations up but have to wait until the last minute to see what the weather is doing before we go all out… so far the rain has held off but I have to wait until I get home to see what hubby has done.  Last year it poured with rain, we couldn’t keep a pumpkin lit and we got three trick or treaters.  This year I have no clue how many we’ll get so even though we got a box of 50 chocolate bars (and managed to only eat 15!) I am stopping on my way home to get more.  
I have already had my share of Halloween today… being on our social committee at work I had to dress up.  I don’t actually mind dressing up as long as I’m comfy (I got over the slutty costumes about  a decade and 20lbs ago) but my yoga pupil idea (also known as my weekend comfy clothing) didn’t go over very well so I decided to be a Big Bang Theory nerd. 

Nerding it up with my friend "Wenda"
I didn’t win the best costume contest but I did take 2nd place in the pumpkin contest!  There were only three people who entered but hey, I didn’t get 3rd.  It probably also helped that it wasn’t really explained clear enough that people had to bring in their pumpkins already carved, not that we would be carving pumpkins as a big happy group in the office.  Oh well, I’m $50 richer J
Meet my pumpkin Mumford
This is how much crap I had consumed by noon.  I know I’m headed for a major crash in an hour or so but I’ll be nursing it with a glass or five of wine or so maybe it will even itself out.  One thing in my future is clear – I will be sporting a headache at some point, hopefully while I’m drooling on my pillow.

Happy Halloween everyone, be safe!


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