Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Allergic to Marriage?


I love my husband.  I love being married! I adore my husband and he truly is my other half… but I think there is a slight chance I am allergic to marriage.
From the day my engagement ring was put on my finger I never wanted to take it off.  It fit perfectly, it didn’t twist on my finger and I never had any problems.  Getting my wedding band however was a nightmare.  It’s a long story but my style was “discontinued” so when we went to order the band we were shown some other options.  We chose a simple band and wanted a row of diamonds matching the smallest size in my engagement ring, were told that was fine by email and then when we went back to the store were told they wouldn’t do it with the stone size we wanted, they had to be smaller.  So my rings wouldn’t match.  This isn't in my head, I tried on the band with the smaller stones and it looked weird.  This was my wedding ring, my forever ring, and I was devastated.  It felt like a giant road block that we couldn’t knock down and with our wedding 4 weeks away (yeah I know, we procrastinate but this had been going on for 3-4 weeks), what was I going to do??
We left that store and got into a huge fight about my (so-called lack of) driving skills.  A few hours later after dinner (and a few glasses of wine for me), about 30 minutes before stores closed, hubby asked if I wanted to go check out a mall that we knew had a couple jewelry stores because at this point what was our option? 
So we walked into a tiny jewelry store and told them what we were looking for.  The lady working there pulled out a tray of bands and we found it.  I couldn’t believe it!  We were both sooo happy!
Sorry I got a bit off topic there but now I will get back to my “allergy”…
My engagement ring was size 4.25 – TINY!  I couldn’t believe it when I found out what size it was.  When we were sizing my band, I said that I would probably need a larger size because how would the two rings together fit that small.  I was told it would be fine.  Yeah it wasn’t fine.
Ever since I have had the band (same gold, same everything) my finger got swollen and the skin irritated.  And then it got really swollen… I got my engagement ring off but my band was stuck.  So stuck that I HAD TO HAVE IT CUT OFF.

I then had to wait two weeks for my finger to go back to normal before I could get sized again, then wait another week for them to be changed.  I had both rings sized to 5 and I finally have them both on my finger again.  And now they twist.
My finger is still irritated and I take the rings off at night but I LOVE having them back.  And if I am allergic to marriage then I will happily suffer because I wouldn't have it any other way!
 Is anyone else allergic to marriage?
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  1. Haha oh my goodness this is a nightmare! Thank the lord you got that all sorted out because that looks like one painful picture.

  2. It stung so much I couldn't believe it! Thanks so much for checking out my world, I love your blog :-)

  3. I just came across your blog recently, which is why I'm commenting on such an old post! I was allergic to marriage too! I tried everything for about 6 months so that I would stop reacting to my rings. Finally I dipped them in rhodium (they weren't dipped originally because they are 19K and aren't supposed to need to be). That seemed to do the trick...So I feel your frustration, it really sucks not being able to wear your rings!

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting! I got my rings sized but I am still reacting to them... And of course refuse to not wear them! Thank you so much for the tip - I think I will try it :)


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