Friday, 13 December 2013

My Latest Self-Diagnosis

Christmas has been very much on mind this week but starting yesterday I felt a rising panic in my stomach… today is Friday the 13th.  If it had been an option, you better believe I would have stayed in bed watching Christmas movies allll day and not left the house but as I’m sure you can tell, definitely not an option.
I’m not a hugely superstitious person but something about Friday the 13th freaks me out.  I don’t have a crazy story as to why it freaks me out but I do know that it’s a thing with a real name and everything:
Paraskevidekatriaphobia : the (maybe slightly irrational) fear of Friday the 13th (source)
I have a jam packed day as well, including our regular date night Friday festivities, which I guess is actually a good thing because I hopefully won’t have time to think about the date.  We shall see.
Besides wanting to curl up the fetal position until midnight, I am so excited for this weekend!!  Tomorrow starts off with massages (can a weekend start any better??), then my mom is going to help me make new Christmas stockings for me and the hubby (hopefully it goes well and if it does I will try to remember to take pictures as these aren’t your normal stockings!!), then dinner and drinks Saturday night and recuperating Christmas movie watching on Sunday! 
What are you up to this weekend?
Happy Friday all!

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  1. Lucky! Massages! I am in need of one stat! Its been a while!

    I'm having a Weekend Recap linkup on my blog ! Would love for you to be a part of it :)

    Showered With Design

    1. Hi, I am so sorry I missed this in the chaos of holidays! I am back in the swing of things and would love to linkup :-)

      Happy New Year!

      p.s. go get a massage, mine was amazing!!


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