Monday, 9 December 2013

Weekend Recap

I have thought about linking up a weekend recap for the last few weeks but I kept thinking “oh I’ll just wait one more week” over and over and now – it’s the last link up!  Better late than never (literally)!
I had a great fairly quiet weekend that was very much needed before all the holiday chaos ramps everything up a bit J
1.       I baked!  I made holiday rice krispie squares (can you actually call that baking?) for what I believe is the first time (since I was 5 and made them with my mother, I actually had to look up the recipe)… I also made brown sugar oatmeal coconut chewies from a recipe I found on Pinterest and I think they are the best cookie I have ever made.  I also did a sugar cookie pinwheel from another recipe found on Pinterest, this one had a lot of steps but turned out tasty so worth it.  I brought a plate into work and everyone loved them!
2.       I tried to do a Christmas hat photo shoot with the furbies that didn’t go so well…
3.       My hubby spoiled me and even though we bought our Christmas pajamas about 20 minutes earlier, he got me these dark purple flannel pajamas with champagne and martini glasses!!!  I fell in love instantly.
4.       A lot of napping happened around me at our house yesterday… I baked.
5.       We put up the outside lights!  Four of our path lighting candy canes bit the dust so we only have six now and the lights on the stair railings are different colours but I don’t care.  I love seeing all the lights on in the neighbourhood.  (sorry my photo sucks)
6.       I did manage to get the jingle bell hat on Jinx but he did not like it.  I will try to get both of them looking at me again. 
What isn’t pictured is the wine and takeout dinner we had on Friday, Christmas shopping on Saturday (I totally went over our limit but my hubby rocks so I’m totally ok with it!), more wine Saturday night and spending Sunday in my Christmas pants from Target.
Only four more sleeps until the next one!
How was your weekend?
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  1. The cookies - the puppy! Ahhh I can't stand it!!! So fun/sweet/cute!
    Stopping by from Sami's <3

    1. Thanks! thankfully Milo knows a treat is coming and will pose for me :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas decor! Love these pictures, gets you in the mood for the season!

    1. Christmas is my favourite!! Thank you for stopping by!


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