Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Thirsty Thursday

Can you believe it's only week to Christmas?!  Only two more days of work to get through then I am on holidays and plan to Christmas fun the crap out of them!  We have dinners planned, a trip to the Christmas Market, light tours, watching Frozen (my sister and I can't wait, we've heard it's amaze-balls) but the main activities will be drinking, eating and laughing on repeat.  Right now I'm focused on the drinks, mainly baileys coffee for the morning, mimosas for mid-morning, champagne throughout the day as well as wine.

I love me some champagne (sparkling wine, champagne is just so much more fun to say) and I really should just pick up a case so I don't run out next week.  Sometimes I like to add a little something to my champagne besides oj and I came across this on Pinterest:

Berry flavored Hpnotiq Harmonie - it's berry flavored and it's purple, I'm pretty sure the champagne Gods made this just for me. So when I hit up the liquor store on Friday, you better believe a bottle (or four) will end up in my cart.

Anyone out there tried this?

The Dazzler recipe on Pinterest:
2oz Hpnotiq Harmonie
2oz champagne 

My usual ratio for champagne cocktails is 1oz mix and as much champagne as I can fit in and that's probably how I will play is one.  

Wat is your favorite holiday cocktail?

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