Monday, 2 December 2013

First December Weekend Recap!

It’s here, it’s finally here!!  This weekend I was finally allowed to start pulling out the Christmas decorations!!  To say that I love is an understatement; in fact I’m not sure it’s actually possible to measure except to say that I really really really LOVE Christmas!
So much so that I want to rock this shirt 24/7 for the next 24 days:
I was having so much fun celebrating that it was finally December that I kind of forgot to take pictures… and looking through the pictures I did take, they are all kind of dark and I really need to start using my actual camera instead of my phone.  Maybe one day.
On Saturday I went to 2 craft fairs with my mom and aunt, one of which is a tradition for my mom and me and this year did not disappoint.  I found a super cute hat for my sister (forgot a photo), catnip toys for Milo (yes, our dog loves catnip and cat could take it or leave it, oh and again, no photo). 
I did manage to get a shot of some of our tree…
Yes we I have a Christmas sweater for the dog and I borrowed the hat because I obviously need pictures of Milo in a Santa hat.  The only reason he stood still (looking miserable bored) was the lure of the sausage roll I was using as a bribe.  Nailed it.  We have a jingle hat that I’m hoping to get on the cat and somehow get a photo of the two of them.  Looking at the camera.  Wish me luck.
Sunday is the day I like to stay home in pjs and be lazy while I dread Monday morning.  My husband made lunch plans for us though so we travelled about 45 minutes to his stepmom’s brother’s house.   It’s a rural area (they have cows) so it was a bit of a trek. 

My breakfast of champions was reheated pizza bread with alfredo sauce to dip it in and a Caesar sans tabasco.  I inhaled this goodness in about 5 minutes and off we went.  At the farm we saw the cows – the “baby” calf is Roxy and she was born a week ago today – and some chickens.  We left the farm with two dozen fresh eggs (as in laid that morning, can you say breakfast for dinner all week long??), a tin of chocolate chip cookies and a bag full of fresh bay leaves.  (Side story: when I was told to help myself to the ‘bay leaves’ I heard ‘Baileys’ and said yes please!! where’s the coffee??)
All in all a great weekend and I can’t wait to get even more Christmasy!  I am even going to try to a couple DIY Christmas projects that I found on Pinterest… do any of you have some fun DIY projects I should try?  I would love to hear about them!

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