Friday, 6 December 2013

Friday Finds

Happy Friday Friends!  This has been a crazy busy week for me with work, travel for work, appointments, figuring out what to feed my husband for dinner and more work.  Oh and Christmas decorating, shopping and planning.  I did manage to escape for a massage yesterday which was amazeballs - definitely needed!  I even have a busy weekend coming up so I'm already looking forward to a week from now when I embark on a two days of lazy living in pjs allll weekend.
But I know there will be very little relaxing this weekend so I decided to cheer myself up and go to my favourite store on my lunch break.  I'm an idiot.  1) My favourite store is Target.  2) I had an hour for lunch.  3) I need at least a solid hour and a half on a normal day to thoroughly enjoy so I need about two and a half during holiday season.  Even though I missed 98% of the store because I had to drag my ass out, I managed to fall in love with a couple items.
Cozy Leggings
These leggings are cute, comfy and Christmasy!! I bought the last pair they had and can't wait to cozy up in them!  Sorry (not sorry) for all the c words:-)

Candy Cane Sheets
Snowflake Sheets
Snowflake sheets.  At $24.99 how can you not get both??
Glitter Pillow
Love this pillow... everyone needs a little glitter glam in their life!

Dog Toy
And of course a new stuffie for Milo that will last all of 5 minutes before he gets the squeaker out.

What are you up to this weekend?  
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