Wednesday, 4 December 2013

If I Were a Wine, What Wine Would I Be?

Instead of an animal or tree, have you ever thought “If I were a wine what wine would I be?”  No?  Well I have and the answer is always different depending on the time of year, what I’m eating, who I’m drinking it with, etc. etc.  And then when I came across this link on one of the social media sites I am obsessed with, I knew I had to check it out. 
So I googled Myers-Briggs to find out my personality type; I have taken these tests a few times but I can never remember the result because it’s always different – is that telling me something??
 My result… (drum roll please)…

Wow love this!  Pinot Noir is my go-to red wine!  And the description is pretty accurate as well…
·         I avoid conflict like the plague (and would actually choose the plague over conflict because I hear they have a cure for that now)
·         I enjoy a calm environment (of jammies, blanket, iPad and wine, try and get me to move!) and I will do whatever I can to someone out
·         My family and friends are THE most important things in my life
·         I live in the moment and it drives my husband CRAZY (especially on the weekends when I refuse to have a schedule if we don't have any dinners, etc.)
I wonder if it’s accurate for everyone?  Help me find out!  Go take the test and look up your wine type J
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