Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 in One Picture

For my second time ever (one of my upcoming resolutions!) I am going to link up in blogland... not a big deal to most but still working my way into this place and I am loving the journey!  So thank you Jena from Recently Roached for my latest inspiration :-) 

So in Sum up my entire year in one picture... Needless to say this was quite the challenge.

First I need to figure out what the major highlights of 2013 were...

  • Celebrating NYE 2013 as an engaged couple and toasting to our wedding and the start of our married life together 
  • Our remodeled kitchen (love, love, LOVE! now to learn to cook...)
  • Taking a chance and starting a new job in a new industry
  • A week-long vacay with the girls to Palm Springs
  • My wedding shower thrown by my amazing mom
  • My amazeballs bachelorette party organized by the best sister/MOH and bestie/SIL/bridesmaid 
  • The champagne tasting with my family to decide which bubbly to serve for our toast
  • The different events with family and friends leading up to our big day
  • Our Wedding
  • All the love we were showered with before, during and after
  • Looking through all the photos and seeing my hubby - who likes having his picture taken about as much as he wants needles stabbed in his eyeballs - smiling with pure joy (and me too of course!)
  • Our first Halloween in the house and having trick or treaters (hubby's favorite holiday)
  • The first snowfall and Milo having a blast playing in it
  • Meeting my sister and her fiancĂ© in Las Vegas for a long weekend
  • Spending Christmas with our family and friends

So basically 2013 revolved around planning my wedding, celebrating my wedding and then recovering from our wedding! And with all that one would probably expect me to post one of our wedding pictures, my favorite picture, the one that if all our other pictures disappeared, I would be ok if this one survived.  

But this is my photo to sum up 2013:

This is a photo taken from the dock at the cabin the morning after we got engaged.  We used this photo as our Save the Date postcards, and a different version of this photo that shows my ring was how we announced our engagement on Facebook. 

The cabin is one of our most special places ever, and hubby loves that I want to be there as much as he does.  He grew up spending summers at the cabin, our first trip together was to the cabin, I met his family at the cabin, we count down the months to our summer trips to the cabin, we got engaged on one of our trips to the cabin and then, five months ago, we got married at the cabin.  We are the only ones to get married there and that is special to us and something we talked about early on.

The cabin is our second home and even my family has fallen in love with it and the little village that it calls home. And I am already counting down the months and days until our first trip of 2014.

So my photo doesn't actually show the cabin, my wedding, my husband, my furbies, our friends and families, the copious amounts of drink and food consumed over the past twelve months, and whatever else happened this year.  But this photo is bright and colorful and I smile every time I look at it and I am transported back to my happiest of happy places.
Happy New Year!
Sarah xxo


  1. So glad you linked up, Sarah. Looks like y'all had a packed year of wonderful things! Obviously getting married at the top of that list! I love that you chose this picture. Such a sweet reminder for you :)

    1. The year was definitely all things wedding and now that it's over, I am so excited to see what 2014 has in store for us! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. 2013 was my marriage year too!


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