Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Baby Fever?

Babies babies babies!  Babies consume my thoughts right now! It could be the season, everyone is posting this year's Santa visit photos and I love them.  I head straight for the baby clothes when shopping and pick up every tiny little outfit oohing and aahing until I have to put it back even though I briefly contemplate buying it and hiding it in my closet.  I could probably have outfitted a newborn to 12 months by now!  This past weekend I asked my sister-in-law to keep an adorable purple jacket my niece was wearing... She proceeded to tell me about all the things she has kept for me and my insides were doing the biggest happy dance!

But I am now taking it out on my furbies.  Oh and I call them FURBIES.

We ran out of dog food last night so after letting Milo eating cat food today (he loves it, thinks it's candy) I ran out after work to get him some kibble.

I came home with this (and his food):

And then I proceeded to do this:

Don't they look cute, embarrassed and pissed off at me all at once??

Having a baby freaks me out. I am so incredibly selfish, I love to sleep, I love to be lazy on the couch in front of tv for hours on end, I love love love drinking wine (or vodka, tequila, baileys...) and I am terrified that I would resent a baby and be a bad mom.  And the money, the stress it puts on marriages, there are so many things that run through my mind when I dare to daydream about the joy I think it must be.  But baby fever is taking over my mind and I'm not ready to voice how much I really want one yet but it helps to say it here.  Maybe (hopefully) I will be ready soon.

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  1. I have a baby and it has not diminished my love for wine... at all! :)


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