Monday, 11 August 2014

Meal Plan Monday | Post-Vacation Blues

Oh hello again Monday.  The only thing worse than a regular Monday is the first one after a vacation.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how make the transition back to work any easier?  If you do please send them my way asap because Sarah is in a deep post-vacation depression.

I did manage to get a meal plan for the week together and then I dragged myself out to get groceries.  Both hubby and I know that we need to clean out our bodies after all the drinks, wine, bread, cheese, fried food, etc. etc.  I would love to just have salads and flavoured water all week except for two things: 1) my hubby is constantly hungry and needs carbs every day and 2) I would end up devouring four cheeseburgers by lunch on Wednesday if I went cold turkey if I tried to subsist on salad and water.  So I just need to make smart choices.

Sunday: sushi... I had a packed day so I picked up sushi around 3pm and that with some random leftovers was on the menu.
Monday: my sister-in-law tells me that pork chops baked in hoisin sauce are easy and delicious so I'm going to try it out.  I will let you know how it feels.
Tuesday: we have chicken breasts, mushrooms, pasta and sauce and it's hubby's night to cook.
Wednesday: chicken caesar salad... I bought a bag of caesar salad and will throw chicken in, how much easier can it get?
Thursday: homemade beef hamburger patties on these awesome little naan breads that I found, they make the perfect skinny bun.

Friday: I have book club and we are ordering 
sushi in, not too sure what the hubby will be eating but I'm pretty sure it will be of the delivery variety.
Today will definitely be a multiple cup of coffee kind of day...
Is it Friday yet??  

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  1. Any kind of salad with chicken on it is like my favorite meal ever! :)


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