Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My First Guest Post... featuring ME!

Happy Hump Day!  So many apologies for being MIA this week but living the lake life takes a lot out of you... and I'm having too much fun to sit down at a computer.  But I promise I will be back next week and I even have a new recipes to share including the delicious my mother-in-law Chinese Chicken for dinner one night!  Hubby and I are having the best holiday and below is a little preview of how we have been spending our days.

But before I leave (and pour my first baileys coffee) and settle in on the porch for some fun in the sun, please go check out my very first feature post ever on September FARM!  Karli is the cutest pregnant farmer wife and I was totally nervous to read what someone else thought about my little online world but I am bursting with happiness (literally, the husband thinks I'm losing it) so I would love for you to check it!!!

Thanks for making my day Karli Xxo!

Home base (I should take a photo of the cabin one day hey??)
Wine tasting Heaven

Lots of yummy food
 Back soon!!

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  1. I've been reading Karli's blog for a while! Love both of you girls' blogs! :)


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