Friday, 22 August 2014

Oh Hey Friday | TV Edition

A little late to the game as usual but better late than never right?  And I have to go dump a bucket of ice on my colleague for the ALS ice bucket challenge in a few minutes so I am going to get right to it.  At the end of the day the husband and I unwind and catch up in front of the TV and of course during the summer it can get boring because there aren't a lot of new shoes… and the Mr. isn’t all that into watching Netflix (can you believe that??)… so we mainly watch reality TV in the summer.   Thankfully we have found a few shows that we enjoying watching together.
1 |  Big Brother 
Every spring the husband and I start getting excited for two things that summer brings (see what I did there?): lake house trips and Big Brother!  I'm not sure why we love it so much but a gigantic small part of me think it's because it's on 3 nights a week when the rest of TV is on hiatus.  Normally I really dislike summer TV series because who wants to wait 9 months to see what happened in the season finale cliff hanger??  But with Big Brother the show ends, there is always a winner.  
I am not as invested in the cast this year though, maybe it’s all the new twists this season but they all seem kind of blah.  If I had to choose I think Nicole and Derrick would be my favourites and - spoiler alert! – I thought that before she won the jury competition to get back into the house last night.  Derrick has been able to keep a low profile and manipulate things behind the scene and I think if he makes it to the final 2 he will win it all. 
Is anyone else watching?  Who are you rooting for?

2 |  Hotel Hell 
I must have some form of sadomasochism rooted inside me because I love me some Gordon Ramsay.  I watch all his shows and my husband’s favourite thing to call me when I’m destroying cooking dinner is a donkey, British accent and all.  No worries though, it’s all in fun.
Should I be taking pointers from Gordon to become more confrontational?
3 |  Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Yes, we watch this gluttonous show (and all the spin-offs)… it’s kind of like a wreck that you can’t turn away from.  Khloe is by far my favourite and I would love to sip champagne with her for just one day.  Do you think she drinks real champagne or sparking wine?     

4 |   Deadliest Catch
Even though it has its fair share of drama, this is probably the tamest reality show I watch with the Mr.  I’m not sure what exactly draws me to it but I like the cast and I practically salivate when they haul all that crab up time and time again.  Get in my belly!
We have a family friend who was a crab fisherman (as in retired to do something more relaxing – running two brew pubs and raising angus cattle;) and that shit looks crazy. I would never be able to do it, or at least I would be completely miserable the entire time.  And I’m clumsy so would somehow get taken out by a crab pot for sure, and the Coast Guard would be my new best friend.
5 |  Teen Mom 
I’ve already
confessed my addiction to this show and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.  The best part is that the Mr. watches this one with me and is always excited for ‘Crazy Mom’ (thank you Babs!).
This season’s favourite for me is Chelsea but the hubs is with Jenelle and Crazy Mom all the way.
BONUS! |  The Big Bang Theory  
Obviously this show doesn’t have new episodes in the summer but we still watch it and I simply can’t exclude it.  From day one this has been my all-time favourite show.  I love Penny, I adore Sheldon (hubby even got me a bobble head in Vegas!), I love Leonard and am so happy for them to finally be engaged!  I really want Penny to get pregnant because that chick loves her wine as much as me and if I can watch my future self do it then maybe I can laugh my way through in real life (fingers crossed we get to experience that).
For me this is that show that I can turn on halfway through and I can watch every episode on repeat because I just simply can’t ever get enough.  The only complaint I have is that our friends named their cat after Penny because ‘she’s dumb just like the character’ and I kind of feel like they stole my future baby name.  Not that I was planning to name my future daughter Penny but if anyone in our group of friends should have get a dog, cat or even fish and name it Penny I am pretty sure it should be the person with two t-shirts, a sleepy cat pillow, a Sheldon bobble head and a series recording.  In other words, me.   I wonder how much it will take for me to bring that up…

Well friends that’s all I have for this fabulous Friday… it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?
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  1. I am completely obsessed with keeping up with the Kardashians. OBSESSED I love them


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