Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sometimes I Wish I Was a Confrontational Person

I had something weird happen to me in a store the other day.  Weird probably isn't the best word to use as immediately following I was a giant pool of embarrassed, angry and ashamed.  But I'm not sure if I overreacted.  I didn't do or say anything and just walked out (I'm not a confrontational person) but I won't the lie, the image of decking a total stranger burned in my mind.
I should probably explain.
We have to go to a wedding in a couple weeks and if you're familiar around here then you know I'm not in my best body right now meaning that I don't fit have anything in my closet.  I had already asked K to help me find something and was resigned to the fact that I was in store for a torturous shopping trip next weekend.  Then I ended up at the mall after work (my cell was basically short circuiting all weekend and of course when I showed up at the Apple Store they pushed two buttons and brought it back to life <sigh>) and I walked by a store with a beautiful bright pink dress in the window.  It was shorter, loose on top with a v-neck in the front with a built-in camisole, a style that is usually quite flattering on me (thank you cleavage!) so I went in and picked up a Large, the biggest size they had.  I turned around to see what other dresses they had (it is such a waste to get completely changed for only one piece of clothing) when one of the saleswomen turned in my direction and said (not quietly) "that style fits very small".  I turned and realized she was actually talking to me and she said it again, walked over and basically took it out of my hand.  What. the. fuck?
I felt like this woman had basically called me out in front of the entire store (that wasn't exactly empty thanks to the 40% off sale) and told me that something wasn't going to fit me. Maybe she thought she was helping me but she was not.  I would much rather have a private moment to realize that pretty dress wasn't meant for me.  Did she think I was going to wreck it?  Sorry lady, if it doesn't fit I'm not going to try and stuff myself into it like a sausage.  So I was shocked.  And hurt.  And ashamed.  And I wanted to punch her.  
But I didn't and I found a way cuter (cheaper!) dress!  Photos to come...
What would you have done in that situation?  Do you think I was overly sensitive?
p.s. she had a bigger booty than me!




  1. No way did you over react! You handled it with grace. I probably would have let a comment or two sail out of my mouth before I caught myself. What a B!

  2. I totally would have confronted her and said that was rude and there was a better way to handle that. But you handled it well!!

  3. I would have liked to smack her or call her out or something. How rude can you be? Geez! What store was it? Some people are terrible. I probably would have done the same thing...leave the store and then find a bathroom and cry. A nice long cry would have done me good! I can't believe people sometimes.


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