Monday, 18 August 2014

Meal Plan Monday | When Being Easy is a Good Thing

Happy Monday! After my crazy busy week and weekend I am looking forward to (hopefully) normal weekdays and then a fun relaxing weekend.  My boss is out of town until Thursday and I think I might actually get a chance to catch up on some random things at work plus I have a massage booked on Thursday night... I haven't had one since January and I can't wait for the pampering.

I am also excited because I was recently given a super exciting opportunity and am so excited to start this new venture!  Remember that whole 'find your passion' rant I go on daily occasionally?  Well I might be one step closer... details to follow! 
Sunday: Hubby really wanted burgers and fries and I had leftovers in the fridge from my company's summer BBQ so we had quite the smorgasbord for dinner.

Monday: I am on dinner but also have to do really exciting things like laundry that I was too busy for on the weekend so I'm going super quick and super easy with dinner tonight.

Tuesday: I have started buying a rotisserie chicken and taking all the meat off  so we always have cooked chicken on hand for lunch salads and easy dinners... hubby is going to use the chicken and whip up some cheesy quesadillas.

Wednesday: I found this recipe for spicy sausage pasta but I can't eat spicy food and I have bacon ends from Trader Joe's I need to use up so I am going to try and tweak this a little bit, wish me luck...

Thursday: I love the kale mixed salad with poppy seed dressing from Costco and I will throw cooked chicken on top (No fussing around with dinner for me - I'm at the spa don't forget;)

Friday: Nothing says Friday like dinner out to celebrate the weekend!

The never-ending dinner battle at our house is the menu... I am trying to eat light and would be very happy with salads or a piece of peanut butter toast but my husband needs a full meal because 1) he has a rare metabolic disorder that actually requires him to eat carbs and 2) he has a very physical job so he is always hungry.  Always.  My issue is finding the willpower to not touch the carbs but I am going to be trying a lot harder this week.

What do you have cooking this week?


  1. I buy rotisserie chickens a lot in our house too. They are such a bargain, and you can use them in so many different ways.

    And yes - eating in the midst of a spouse who doesn't have to eat light can be really difficult!

    Thanks so much for linking up at A Pinch of Healthy! I hope you are having a great week.

  2. Oh yes...the ongoing dinner battle. My issue is actually cooking the food that we buy each week. There was a good while in there that I would cook almost every night, but for some reason, that just hasn't been happening lately. I'm not motivated to do it after work and so the food sits there and goes bad. Sigh!


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