Friday, 15 August 2014

Oh Hey Friday: Time to Get Moving!

What is the one thing that flies right out the window on vacation... well at least for me? Any sense of food control, exercise (not like that was high on my priority list anyway), smart alcohol consumption (the Mr. is constantly asking me "have you had any water today?" because even my coffee is half booze)... when I am on vacation I am in, ALL IN.  And now that I am no longer on vacation my body is paying the price.  I feel tired, sluggish, grumpy and uncomfortable and the only thing that really fits me right now are yoga pants and oversized shirts.  Really sexy.

I'm not doing great in the motivation department so I am hoping if I make some changes then I will start to feel better and that will make me want to keep going, keep working on myself.  

So here are five changes I am determined to make.
1 |  Fitbit and My Fitness Pal.  My fitbit battery died while we were away and I took that sucker off and didn't give it another thought.  It's time to get it back on my wrist and also use my Fitness Pal to keep track of what I'm eating.  
2 |  Drink more water. I am going to go back to drinking three big bottles of "super water" (I have been putting lime and cucumber in a pitcher and my husband loves it).  I am also hoping this will help curb my appetite because all I want to do all the time is eat.  Constantly.  Has anyone discovered the miracle appetite pill yet?  

"super water"
3 |  Walk more.  10,000 steps a day.  I can do it.

4 |   Vitamins.  I was doing really well with the gummy vitamins but then the husband went and bought horse pills that I can barely swallow.  At least the gummies feel like a treat so I am stocking up tomorrow! 

5 |  Focus on the future.  I want to have a baby but I don't feel healthy enough to get pregnant. If I am serious about being a mother then I need to be serious about my future baby's health as well as my own. 


I know I can do all of the things I listed above, I just need to commit to them.  Wish me luck!
What changes did you make to get healthier and feel better, and how did you stick to them?
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Happy Friday Friends!


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  1. Great list! You can do it! I'm on my second round of Whole 30 and while it's really hard, I feel so much better doing it! To help keep me motivated and inspired, I found inspirational workout quotes on Pinterest, wrote them down on strips of paper and made a paper chain (like in school). On the outside there is a countdown of the 30 days so each day I open one. I love reading each quote and applying it to my healthy eating/working out. It definitely helps! Good luck on your journey!!


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